my art practice.
since 2007 when I decided to come back to painting, I've been happily working, never doubting what I'm doing is the correct choice.
now, 10 years later. am I still on the right track? I'm beginning to wonder. is it a LARK? . is making art and wanting it to b my full time life a LARK? I'm not sure how I want to take this remark. I can think it positive, as in I'm a lark-like artist and not think too much. however, once said and heard, it's tunneled into my heart, creating doubt in my mind about my art practice. is it all a lark? what a double meaning word!
in my studio, all the shiny brightness of my conviction has desaturated a bit. my paintings doesn't look so good anymore. I feel lost.
do I continue on this path?

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