2016 in rear view mirror

it's 2017. how time flies by each year. the next thing i know, i'll b reaching my 48th bday in oct!

a lot has happened since my last blog post. i mean, A LOT... last may, i wasn't even feeling the election year thing at all. but then, donald trump jumped out of nowhere and actually became the nominated candidate for the republican party! i know in SF, everyone i knew became nervous that he may have the chance to beat hilary clinton. i even volunteered at her hq to do texting, to try to get ppl out there to go vote. in the end, only 54% of eligible voters voted :( and the sad end of 2016 was that trump is going to b our next president :(  how can this b? i was so depressed, i think most of citizens of SF were depressed. i woke up the next day hoping it would all go away. alas, it's not. i cannot even watch or listen to any kind of news now, because he's out there being a man-baby, twitting away and being the most annoying person out there.

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