it's been a long time since i've posted here. after a while, i find it tough to manage so many social medias. kind of wish it's all linked up somehow.
as many friends have known or seen, i've been participating on #the100dayproject on instagram since march. i had been wanting to focus more on my art in the past years, but have always gotten distracted by everything in life. i've not been the most productive artist around. then this year, after elle luna's inspiring talk on creative mornings in SF, i was determined to get my act together. this online world of artists helped kept me going.
i've done 100 watercolors and now i'm onto 100 drawings for coloring book project. i'm at 183 as of today. for someone who used to produce 5 paintings a year on average, this is strangely productive for me. i'm really happy to say. it's an exercise to get me to just make, i'm not over-thinking things or worrying what the discourse on painting is out there, or if people hate it cuz it's too "decorative" . cuz i like it and i can work anywhere. besides these, i've also made a few block prints, but that's still work in progress.

so what to do with all of these things i've made?
i've decided they'll all go up for sale at a flat rate of US$ 200/each.
the watercolors and the drawings. u'll have to email me directly and indicate the day number.
i've also made coloring books out of the drawings and posted them for sale on etsy, along with gorgeous greeting cards i've made out of the watercolors. if not there, u can email me directly too.
the calendar will b available next week! it's printed on super nice card stock with laser cut-out incorporated.
i've also began to participate in a few craft fairs with wayne at tofufu. it's been fun but tough work. learning to sell ur on wares. next up will be the renegade in sf, then etsy in sf then the uniqueLA.
phew. a lot to consider. making and selling, posting. online life takes up half my days as i'm trying to pull everything together.

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