never sorry + marwencol

today, we watched 2 documentary films on artist and their moment.
 Ai Wei Wei: NEVER Sorry

2 very different artists on very different subjects on 2 diff continents.
but each has something to say... b it social or personal. they r all saying something important. something that resonates within each of us.

aiweiwei is on the grand scale of social and political issues. in ths country and other "western" ones, we r not so appreciative of our personal freedom. nor r we so aware. cuz  it's something we really have taken for granted. there isn't an imminent threat that if we tweet about our opinions, ther is an highly likely chance we might "disappear" or b house-arrested. i'm very touched by this film and how much it's shared to me of an artist i like but hasn't in-depth knowledge of.
i first chanced upon his sunflower seeds exhibit at the Tate Modern. and i had thought, wow, what an amazing guy. here is an artist with a lot to say. but, i didn't do a thorough research of him nor follow his tweets. then when i saw his movie, i was so moved and shocked. where was i last year when he disappeared? taken by the gov't. under house arrest. fined for tax evasion? what??!!
but, i've known this is what his gov't does to its citizens, when it wants to have an excuse to charge them with something. they charge u with tax evasion. nothing like money cripple a citizen. if u can't pay up, then u r put in jail. u r not in jail for "political" reasons, therefore, ther isn't human rights issue is there? how clever.

—nothing certain in life but death and taxes.

Marwencol (mark, wendy, colleen)

this is a man, whom, after a violent attack on his person, tries to put his life back and make sense of it thru his own world of dolls. his narrative is much more personal but also just as interesting and valid, i find. and though he didn't train as an artist or had the intention to show his work to the world, his world also is just as beautiful. and very inspiring. not coy nor ironic. simply is. and that is very hard to find these days in the art world, or anywhere. everyone has a voice, yet with internet, we r so aware that we r putting it out ther for ppl to read, discover, discuss, etc. it's like, u r aware that u r being photographed, so it's intended for an audience. whereas mark, well, its origins were personal. his world was himself. his storyline that is his whole since the attack. it's his own therapy but since it's shared to the world, i think many of us were able "share" in his loneliness n his stories. it's beautiful all the same.

i'm not doing these films justice. anyway, just watch the films.

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