they can't just go to the store and buy peanuts!

...that is what this woman, walking her dog, yelled at from across the street, as i was collecting these acorns from the curbside of the park. only in portland, will there b someone to tell u off abt anything, when it's none of their biz! n when i told her tht i only collect the tiny ones, she went off n said they even eat the tiny ones. then she babbled on some more which i cudn't hear from across the streets n on-coming cars, then i decided to ignore her. 
n no, i didn't steal these from the squirrels. i collected most of these from the curbside n street sides. or from areas without squirrels such as parking lot, where they'r often crushed by the cars or ppl passing by. humans, do most of the damage anyways, to these acorns. whenever i walk past trees with these acorns falling off, it's normally the gardeners, city maintenance crew tht blow these off n cart them off as trash.
anyhoo. i'm having a lot of fun collecting these acorns. they r so beautiful. it's fascinating tht it began as these tiny bulbs with scaly shell, then the seed grows from inside n creates an opening thru the bulb. it continues to grow n expand until it's bigger n the bulb is now a cap to the actual nut. the color chgs too from tan to green to tan then darkening to dark brown as the acorns we often seen illustrated. hopefully, i'll hv enuf 4 a larger frame for my series. i guess this 1 will hv to b called, peanuts?

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