Tempting me

Like most ppl living here in pdx area, I wait n wait, til ther's a break in the gray wet weather n the sun comes out. When it does, it gives u sudden amnesia on why u want to leave this place cuz everything is so beautiful under the sun! N b'cuz it's rained 15 days nonstop, come to appreciate the sunny moments like no one else. While it's gray n wet n chilly (it's June alrdy, damn it!)I get depressed n find it tough to make art n b in the studio, wishing for better lite than the lamp n other man made sources. Then, the sun comes out, n all I wanna do is to b outside, soaking up the rays. Suddenly ther's a smile on everyone's face. Suddenly, u realize ther's a lot o ppl living here. N then I find it hard again to b inside the studio, working, cuz this sun is so rare, how cAn I deprive myself of being outside? So I'm often really torn, like ths moment, to b out n abt or paint. How can anyone get the work done?
O the sun is so calling me
But.... I need to paint too. It's amazing to hv natural lite in the studio. I can c clearly the colors I'm applying n mixin up
O but the outside is calling me....

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