calling all artist...

so, i've been slacking off in the past year with my art-making process. was not making a lot of art nor was i submitting work to any shows, etc. just basically letting it slide.
this year, i'm finally getting my act together a little more. i don't care as much if my submissions went nowhere. i don't care if i'm getting rejected. i will just keep submitting my paintings to places here n far away to c wher it clicks. tho i don't have a ton to say, politically or socially, i'm just saying, b aware, by sharing my art with ppl out ther who might also c what i c or become aware of their surroundings, while enjoying some beauty?
below is a show i missed out on last year, but i will send it out tmrw. we shall c wher this 1 goes.
i'm also submitting a few pcs to the museum rental sales gallery. cross my fingers ther.
i've also created a more organized website of my art. finally decided on a site name, barking owls. this way, ther's a spot just to c my work n progress. n i can track of my work's whereabouts too.

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