it has been on my mind...

kissa et moi
...to write something sooner, but I hv been quite distracted n lazy, I guess. N well, twittering n status updates took over. It made it easier not to really write anything substantial. Even when I'm just sitting around, I'm not really writing either, tho I hv thought abt it a lot. Thinking abt something isn't action tho, is it?

So I thought instead o playing my addicting game o bejeweled while our plane is sitting on the runway, waiting to park at the gate, I thought I might chg it up 4 once n write a brief note.

I'm flying back from England to pdx, w a transfer here in washington d.c. I've been away since mid-Jan I think? Flew to TPE for Vic+erica's engagement party. Including a side trip to Osaka w K then I took the hsr to meet up w tony, frank, chris n her boyz at a ski resort north o Tokyo. It was so much fun skiing w my family again. N I didn't go too fast n out o control like last time w tony n frank on bear mtn. Strange as it sounds, being too fast, since I'm normally the last 1 in the group trying to catch up to ppl. Maybe I hv improved? Or I'm seeing better somehow?

In line now going thru security again, after clearing customs. I had the sandwich from flt n the dog sniffed me out so I had to go thru scanning n such. Bummer, was planning on eating tht. Wht is left over were junk stuff I don't eat. 
Ths is crazy traveling I hv to complain. It used to b so easy to fly somewhere. 1 didn't hv to take off shoes n all these no-fly items n crazy making. It doesn't even really stop anyone who r real terrorists to do wht they wanted if they had t intent! Just made traveling difficult n no longer romantic. 

O so back to updating my recent life...
Last summer I got married in Hawaii.
b4 the wedding trip, we were consumed with the planning, etc. didn't hardly spend time doing much else. it was a constant thought on the edge of my mind (ours)...
then chris/tyler/calvin/myself spent a week in Oahu together, soaking up sun,
kirk arrives to do a weeklong trip on the Big Island w/us which near the end, we got to visit with the nyc crew,
here's eugene's HI fotos i'd like to include.
tks to jimmy (i hv not received the fotos just yet) + eugene, our wedding was well documented.
Mark n maggie r now in process o divorce.
Matthias n Cat no longer an item
Pakin/jenn has jason who is 1 now or just past?
I'm talking w diane a but these days, progress! I hv yet to c her in person but it is still progress, cuz I do miss us.
Vic popped the question to Erica, just b4 our wedding
I still live in portland
Chris's family moved to Shanghai 
Tony has taken over running o co in tw
Vic has quit
I quit the catalog too now, just keeping the lunar book project n small things upon request I guess. 
Vic's engaged
Vic's engaged.... it was amazing fun engagement party
He's finishing grad school n maybe moving to Sha for a yr or two to work? Maybe? Well, not til after the wedding ths summer. 
The last 1 in the family! It was such a fun party. Tony n frank were totally wasted. It felt more like a wedding banquet instead. 

While I've been away, mark's moved to TPE for a yr to study chinese n get his residency. 
So many chgs in ppl's lives

Anna n simon r back in London 
ShAntony r back to tpe in tienmu now with their child
Rodney is in Singapore w Starr
Eve's baby is totally cute
Niko n laurent no longer together
Abi & Horia were married just b4 us n moved to Dubai
Mike lee is abt to hv a baby
Nanci's sisters r all engaged
Celvyn n Nancy's tied the knot in DR
Matthew n Judy got married, tho I cudn't attend the wedding since we had other plans for kirk's bday around same time.
I did attend scott's wedding in Ithaca. 
Camil n Candice were married just b4 us
So did Patricia 
Roman is 1
Sophie's in school
Ther's another sophie born to cindy & boyd
My name is now quite popular in the US
Fiona is growing up fast
So r all my little ones, not so little anymore really. 
The floating pcs hv settled
who is next?

In a yr's span, so many things has chg'd. It continuous to flow forward whether 1 wants it or not. N I like to spend time visiting frnds to catch up. It was nice to c nicky, although I hv to say, if it wasn't cuz I was nearby already, I'd rather not b in England during ths time o the yr. Just too gray n cold n wet! I mean, ther's no diff here vs pdx! Travels in the winter sh b to somewher warmer. Still it was good to catch up w/Anna n nicky n sander n eve, TPE crew in uk! 
Paris was always great n I got the chance to practice it, I think I sh go back to alliance francaise to cont w my classes. I manages to meet up w johann but missed tristan. Walt n jeff were just in Paris b4 our arrival. Too bad, else Paris wd b such a blast w them! Was fun for me to try to navigate riding the bikes thru town some days. 
Niki gave me a fait-main guide book n I got to explore a little differently ths time. I shopped a lot while I was ther cuz things here just seem to fit me. it was the SOLDES too! Caught the tale end o it. Chris was supposed to come too, bt in the end chg'd her mind abt coming. I wish she came tho. It's not last few yrs tht we really spent a lot o time in the same city n got the chance to kno the grown up version o ourselves better. It's amazing to hv a sister, best thing ever. 
I also feel I need to sound time w all my little ones. But it's nit easy when they r so far away n not in the same parts o t world. I also really need ti spend more time w my parents. ESP since I haven't been really good abt it. They r getting older n older ea day, ther's such a distance too. I'd luv to b nearer n do things w them more often. Tho I think being on vacation w them is easier than everyday life, cuz they're less distracted n more relaxed.
I think my mission in life is just to float n flow n visit w ppl!? Haha, j/k. I need to hv a job o sorts. Ptg is just my meditation n well, prob won't b famous or at all til long after I'm gone. Or ever at all. Who knos? It's just tht some days I feel useless. Humans r raised to hv a job n feel useful. I'm lucky not hv'g to worry too much but still at times, I just feel as if I hv to hv something more meaningful? But then again, why b producing things tht just go to waste in ths world o objects n desires? Don't hv any real answers here, just pondering. Rambling on n on. 

Am looking forward to being home w kissa n k. Ah, just realized tht they r both Ks. Rest n regroup n go back to Hawaii in 2 weeks! Now tht is somewhere warm. Can't wait. Sorry kissa, u r gonna hv to go stay w maha again. I'm a bad mommy. 
K is waiting
Sean us talented artist
Calvin writes well
They r all amazing n such gems

Ths trip traveling w flat calvin has been gr8. (this links r the fotos taken) I realized how much I'd like to share w them the places I've been n it's beauties. I did travel down memory lane w K by going to Lyon n Vienne w him. Too bad we missed diane n Alu since they'r till in tw

Am mostly caught up now... The battery's dying anyways, so gotta save the last bits o juice for in cases. Abt to land soon too.

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