Gotan Project au casino de Paris

Gotan Project au casino de Paris: Initié à la fin des années 1990 par le programmateur français Philippe Cohen Solal et les musiciens Christop H. Müller (Suisse) et Eduardo Makaroff (Argentin...


solo exhibit: peripheral

this is the write-up for my artist statement n bio for my show in nov. 


November 3, 2011 6:00pm - November 29, 2011 5:00pm
Pearl Gallery & Framing 1017 NW Davis St. Portland, OR 97209
Pearl Gallery & Framing is very pleased to host
Peripheral, an exhibition of the work of Sophie
Lee. Painting calligraphic-style, incorporating
pods and seeds from the natural world into her
work, she expresses in simple strokes a life
both optimistic and rooted in a long cultural
history, with composition intended to remove
the clutter and offer a sweeping line of focus.
Lee directs our attention to details that are all too easy to overlook.

This show is a collection of Sophie Lee's exquisite paintings based on her Peripheral series and includes original acrylic paintings on glass, acrylic paintings on canvas, original ink drawings and a unique media of natural elements (seeds and pods) curated into shadow-boxes and embellished with acrylic paint on glass. Captured life-cycles combined with perfect brushstrokes are simple yet mind-bogglingly magnificent works of art. You won't be able to buy just one, or will you?
Sophie Lee's first solo exhibit: l'arabesque 2007 was held in Taipei, Taiwan, where she was born. She is a world traveler who first studied design at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, a private college in Los Angeles dedicated to educating students for the Fashion, Graphics, Interior Design, and Entertainment Industries. Lee then focused on fine arts at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and upon graduation moved to New York where she spent several years designing book covers for St. Martin's Press.
Through an exploration of the natural environment, Peripheral captures the perfection of botanical life. With a keen focus on our environment, Lee reveals eternity in the world around us. Many of the natural elements she chooses to encapsulate are common in the Fall season, when trees and most plants shed their coats in the rain and chill of the air. These elements imply a cycle of renewal. Her brushstrokes represent a sweeping line of time for us to appreciate, if we only can cast our eyes to see and take in what surrounds us.
Stop by opening night November 3rd and sample some Deschutes Beer and meet the artist. Show runs through the month of November.

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1017 NW Davis St. Pearl Gallery & Framing 503.274.9878


a surgery

woke up this morning n the the uncomfort in my tummy area came back to me. o right, i had surgery. tht was this past friday, i went in to the dr's office for a very small surgery (removing the eggs from my ovaries), yet it still requires a full  body anesthesia. it's the strangest sensation, being in a hospital bed, u r being wheeled around. the perspective from ther is so.."this is not me n wher i am supposed to b" sensation. the nurses n drs r really nice n gentle with u. they try to explain every single thing they r doing, then they show u the little needle with the drugs n say, "now we'r going to inject u with this" n b4 u kno it, ur lite r turned out. everything else that happens during tht time, u r not a participant of, at least u hv no memories of it.
the time btwn tht n when u wake up can b really long or just a mere few hrs, but the anesthesia screwed it all up for u, cuz it's all lost. to me, it was just a mere flash. i woke up, n someone has already gone into my body n removed the little eggs. i don't even feel where the incisions were. then the pain starts. o yes, tho my mind has no recollection of wht happened, my body sure felt it, hard. the drugs n pain killers wears off n the insides of ur body is screaming out at u. someone has invaded in interior landscape i had held so sacred n closed to myself. every movement i make, i can feel the bruise from inside-out. i'm bloated n i hv to walk around like an old lady. no running or sudden movements. u realized how much of ur core muscles r taken out. when u use it, it's affected. even trying to sit up, u can feel the bruise inside n the pain. the simplest coughing or laugh, even speaking louder take a toll out of ur core. every twist n turn of my torso, i can feel the shift of my tummy, like someone has shaken loose my insides. altho the dr tells u tht it's a simple procedure, but they never tell u how much recovery time it takes. i had thought, ok, going home now n by sunday, i'll b fine again like normal. but no. i don't think so. nothing is going to b normal...
ther were 15 btw, then yesterday they say, only 2 fertilized. n we'll hv to wait n c if they survive til wed for the transfer. cross my fingers. it's tough to keep a positive attitude but am gonna try. this time til wed, the waiting to find out is dragging. longest wait of wondering ever.
wait, i was just going to write about the strangest feeling i had about the experience of being in a surgery. i digress. guess i'm just rambling on now. the fresh thoughts i had this morning upon waking is now a jumbled mess.


lilac wine by blind

this video by vanessa marzaroli of blind, is what i've always envisioned my paintings would b like animated. one day, i will get around to do this... luv this. this article on the theory of new media art is also very interesting, talking about the time in-btwn.



i hv abt 6 embryos growing on 1 side n 8 on the other. a little slower than normal, guess i'm just a late-comer


hundred valley exhibit

remember i had submitted a pc n been selected in a juried show? yes. that is starting tonite, the reception. but, it's 3 hrs drive south. i think i'll hv to pass on it. focus on my work n ivf. but here is the postcard from the show. un peu de pays, but ok. 


they can't just go to the store and buy peanuts!

...that is what this woman, walking her dog, yelled at from across the street, as i was collecting these acorns from the curbside of the park. only in portland, will there b someone to tell u off abt anything, when it's none of their biz! n when i told her tht i only collect the tiny ones, she went off n said they even eat the tiny ones. then she babbled on some more which i cudn't hear from across the streets n on-coming cars, then i decided to ignore her. 
n no, i didn't steal these from the squirrels. i collected most of these from the curbside n street sides. or from areas without squirrels such as parking lot, where they'r often crushed by the cars or ppl passing by. humans, do most of the damage anyways, to these acorns. whenever i walk past trees with these acorns falling off, it's normally the gardeners, city maintenance crew tht blow these off n cart them off as trash.
anyhoo. i'm having a lot of fun collecting these acorns. they r so beautiful. it's fascinating tht it began as these tiny bulbs with scaly shell, then the seed grows from inside n creates an opening thru the bulb. it continues to grow n expand until it's bigger n the bulb is now a cap to the actual nut. the color chgs too from tan to green to tan then darkening to dark brown as the acorns we often seen illustrated. hopefully, i'll hv enuf 4 a larger frame for my series. i guess this 1 will hv to b called, peanuts?


rien à dire

today, i'm not going to complain. i've a good life to start and i will keep up a good attitude about ths baby thing.


vessel 4 a babe...?

so i was with my acupuncturist, uma, the other day. n b4 she left me alone with the needles in me, she asked me to picture this... imagine tht i was a vessel n ready to receive this love for the baby that will grow inside me. and that all i have is love for this thing.... hmmmm. then the light flicked-on inside me. maybe, just maybe, all this talk of the baby, i just hadn't been feeling it?
when i hold my kitty, i feel a lot of love n cuddliness for her.
but... when i think about the possible invasion of a creature tht will take over my body (like aliens), feed off me, chg me, grow inside me, n then rip me apart so it can come out n take over my life... hmmmm. i shudder a bit. n maybe. maybe, this is why it hasn't happened for me, this whole baby thing. i just hadn't n cudn't wrap my mind around this whole thing. i guess ths is wht i need to work on, the inside of me need to feel like a vessel...
well, something to chew on anyway.

mini house

this is a blog by brendon & akua in vancouver. they've built n moved into their new home recently. this is a small footprint house built in the other end of the yard of brendon's parents' house. it's really very green in the way it's built and of course, this is a proof that, who needs a huge house?


baby trials n errors

i spent nearly all of my life worried about getting pregnant. unplanned n unwanted pregnancy was constantly in the back of my head. i hadn't even thought of it as a big deal when my ob/gyn nurse warned me when i turned 36, tht it'll b difficult to hv a kid by tht age, n tht she was obligated to warn me by "law"!!! cuz baby was just never in my plans back then. i've been free as a bird. 
then i turned 39 n got married. life plans sort of took a different turn when 1 has a partner who gets a say in my life now too. so we've been trying to hv ths baby. it's not too encouraging to learn tht altho i'm healthiest 41 (now nearly 42) yr old around me, my eggs r still 40+ yrs old... n that is, i guess, old. nothing like such a news to show u ur age, no matter how u look or feel.
so now it's aug turning into sept, i can truly feel what ppl used to say, "the clock ticking away"
damn, this used to b no big deal to me. age wasn't an obstacle at all. it was just time passing, but i didn't really hear the ticking sound of the time b4 now. it's all very depressing to kno tht as i'm trying, my body is just not cooperating. so now, we'r gonna do the ivf procedure. tho it's always been something i thought i'd draw the line at, i just hv to give it a try, just to kno for sure tht i tried everything possible. it's gonna b a painful process. very nervous abt the needles n various drugs i hv to take n insert n the schedule of each item. then, ther isn't even a guarantee successful outcome! it's all a waiting game. it's been a long waiting game, ths past yr. i feel as if i've been put on hold, in a way. every month, ther is an expectation n a let down. so tiring. i just want to kno if it's happening or not! anyhoo. so i will start this cycle and if this doesn't happen, then we r moving on. no more treatments n no more tries. finito!

on lighter note.
we'r all set for block island at the end of ths month. kirk will fly home for a few days while i go ahead to nyc. then we will meet up ther n enjoy our 1st anniversary on b.i. can't wait to share the island with him. it'll b fun.


Hundred Valleys Exhibit UVAA

the following is the note of acceptance from an exhibit i submitted to earlier this summer. so far this year, i've been accepted to 4 juried shows. a couple of these r online. the following will b in roseburg, OR this sept. i've also had many rejections. this is the way it is with submissions i guess. i won't b discouraged. 
hopefully, the November show in portland OR will b a way for me to connect with ppl more. maybe i can then put 2gether something for sf's gallery in the fall too. until then, i'll just keep painting.
Dear art working friends –
I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting the news concerning the 5th Annual Hundred Valleys Exhibit results.  Tom Browning, this year's juror had 176 images to choose from.  Those whose works were selected are listed below.  If your name is not on the listing, keep working, keep submitting, never to be discouraged, "beauty IS in the eye of the beholder". 
Here are some words from Tom Browning concerning his efforts to put together the exhibit.

"Judging such a show is based on several aspects that I consider to be most important in producing a painting or sculpture.  Not only is the overall aesthetics of a piece important, but such things as composition, originality, drawing, and the handling of the medium are all important …  Not everyone can agree on one judge's decisions, and that alone is important for all participants who submitted work to understand.
It is just one person's opinion, but I hope that what I have to offer as a professional artists is acceptable and understood by most.  I appreciated the opportunity to view everyone's work, and they should all be congratulated for being willing to undergo the scrutiny of a competition such as this.  Hopefully no one will be discouraged from doing so in the future.  It is more important for every artist to continually be a student and strive to make the next piece of art better than the last.  Respectfully,  Tom Browning"
From my heart, congratulations to everyone for submitting, often a difficult step to take once you have conquered the artwork itself.  I will be emailing those who have been juried in a contract for the exhibit that will need to be signed and returned.  Remember, do not, again, do not make any changes or adjustments to the  accepted pieces!  Just make sure they come in signed.

Accepted art works:
Last Name
H bar C, Red and Black (It's All Skip's Fault, series)
Back Forty
Cast of Characters
A Look of Champions
A Quiet Stretch fo the River
Rainy Pond
Jenay M
Skye Jasmyn
Jenay M
Portrait of Perry
Giovonnia Ann (G'Ann)
Visions of Coiled Copper
Standing Female Abstract
The Test Of Gold
Heat Wave
China Rockfish Quillback
Morgan Burton
Night Guide
Highrock Mountain from Rocky Ridge - Rogue Umpqua Divide Wilderness
Rig to Cast
Orchid In Paradise
Winds of Change
Melancholy Skies
Todd Milton
A Blanket of Roses
Wet Land Trail
Collision on the Reef
Weatherly Creek Homestead
The Beautiful Singer
Hope Carter
Hope Carter
Out To Pasture
Inside the Storm
Winter Romance
The Source
Sunny Day in May
Behind You
Nancy Watterson
River Breath Life
Rippen Rooster
Bucking Appy
John J.
Alfa Centennial
Full Moon Rising
Gena Lee
Percheron Power
Just Resting
En Pointe
His Classics
Catherine C.
Tides Out
Catherine C.
Sunflower Garden
Catherine C.
Make Lemonade
Grape De Menthe
Nature's Carography
Apple Blossoms
Hart Mountain October Afternoon

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Dance of life (attempt at artist statement)

In reading Martha graham's "I'm a dancer" it resonates thru me. Since I was a child, ive always been inspired by dance. She mentioned the dance of life, our body moving thru the world, living breathing moving n aware

Rumi also talks of light n shadows r the dances of life
It's a dance from the heart, extending outward to the pt o the fingertips, the tilt of the head, turning of the legs, angle n twist of the torso... The wt of each step wih intent.
I, am also a dancer
I dance becuz my body is inspired to move
In turn. While I paint, I'm also dancing. The paint is an ext of my inner dance, becoming my visual dance. What is presented here is a record of the moment/ movement. ...

More later...

Mobile blogging

I've been meaning to try this, since I now hv an iPhone n makes it easier to hv a life online



Tempting me

Like most ppl living here in pdx area, I wait n wait, til ther's a break in the gray wet weather n the sun comes out. When it does, it gives u sudden amnesia on why u want to leave this place cuz everything is so beautiful under the sun! N b'cuz it's rained 15 days nonstop, come to appreciate the sunny moments like no one else. While it's gray n wet n chilly (it's June alrdy, damn it!)I get depressed n find it tough to make art n b in the studio, wishing for better lite than the lamp n other man made sources. Then, the sun comes out, n all I wanna do is to b outside, soaking up the rays. Suddenly ther's a smile on everyone's face. Suddenly, u realize ther's a lot o ppl living here. N then I find it hard again to b inside the studio, working, cuz this sun is so rare, how cAn I deprive myself of being outside? So I'm often really torn, like ths moment, to b out n abt or paint. How can anyone get the work done?
O the sun is so calling me
But.... I need to paint too. It's amazing to hv natural lite in the studio. I can c clearly the colors I'm applying n mixin up
O but the outside is calling me....


girl effect

i think this video says it all


so...i joined yet another online network. i guess it'll help with my project n getting jobs, maybe? i dunno, it's something to do when i'm lost. this network seems pretty cool. it makes u so aware of how many creative ppl r out ther. almost a little overwhelmingly many.
still, i'm willing to put it out ther.
we shall c wher this leads.
i should try to get myself out ther, even if i get rejected (ths weekend, the portland rental sales gallery rejected me) blah. is ok. i will find someone out ther tht likes my work. until then, i will keep working n posting it online to find my connections. 


calling all artist...

so, i've been slacking off in the past year with my art-making process. was not making a lot of art nor was i submitting work to any shows, etc. just basically letting it slide.
this year, i'm finally getting my act together a little more. i don't care as much if my submissions went nowhere. i don't care if i'm getting rejected. i will just keep submitting my paintings to places here n far away to c wher it clicks. tho i don't have a ton to say, politically or socially, i'm just saying, b aware, by sharing my art with ppl out ther who might also c what i c or become aware of their surroundings, while enjoying some beauty?
below is a show i missed out on last year, but i will send it out tmrw. we shall c wher this 1 goes.
i'm also submitting a few pcs to the museum rental sales gallery. cross my fingers ther.
i've also created a more organized website of my art. finally decided on a site name, barking owls. this way, ther's a spot just to c my work n progress. n i can track of my work's whereabouts too.


pele: the hawaiian goddess of fire

volcano is just what is on my mind lately.

Kilauea is erupting!
and it's images r so inspiring!
i'm quite inspired to work on this.

it has been on my mind...

kissa et moi
...to write something sooner, but I hv been quite distracted n lazy, I guess. N well, twittering n status updates took over. It made it easier not to really write anything substantial. Even when I'm just sitting around, I'm not really writing either, tho I hv thought abt it a lot. Thinking abt something isn't action tho, is it?

So I thought instead o playing my addicting game o bejeweled while our plane is sitting on the runway, waiting to park at the gate, I thought I might chg it up 4 once n write a brief note.

I'm flying back from England to pdx, w a transfer here in washington d.c. I've been away since mid-Jan I think? Flew to TPE for Vic+erica's engagement party. Including a side trip to Osaka w K then I took the hsr to meet up w tony, frank, chris n her boyz at a ski resort north o Tokyo. It was so much fun skiing w my family again. N I didn't go too fast n out o control like last time w tony n frank on bear mtn. Strange as it sounds, being too fast, since I'm normally the last 1 in the group trying to catch up to ppl. Maybe I hv improved? Or I'm seeing better somehow?

In line now going thru security again, after clearing customs. I had the sandwich from flt n the dog sniffed me out so I had to go thru scanning n such. Bummer, was planning on eating tht. Wht is left over were junk stuff I don't eat. 
Ths is crazy traveling I hv to complain. It used to b so easy to fly somewhere. 1 didn't hv to take off shoes n all these no-fly items n crazy making. It doesn't even really stop anyone who r real terrorists to do wht they wanted if they had t intent! Just made traveling difficult n no longer romantic. 

O so back to updating my recent life...
Last summer I got married in Hawaii.
b4 the wedding trip, we were consumed with the planning, etc. didn't hardly spend time doing much else. it was a constant thought on the edge of my mind (ours)...
then chris/tyler/calvin/myself spent a week in Oahu together, soaking up sun,
kirk arrives to do a weeklong trip on the Big Island w/us which near the end, we got to visit with the nyc crew,
here's eugene's HI fotos i'd like to include.
tks to jimmy (i hv not received the fotos just yet) + eugene, our wedding was well documented.
Mark n maggie r now in process o divorce.
Matthias n Cat no longer an item
Pakin/jenn has jason who is 1 now or just past?
I'm talking w diane a but these days, progress! I hv yet to c her in person but it is still progress, cuz I do miss us.
Vic popped the question to Erica, just b4 our wedding
I still live in portland
Chris's family moved to Shanghai 
Tony has taken over running o co in tw
Vic has quit
I quit the catalog too now, just keeping the lunar book project n small things upon request I guess. 
Vic's engaged
Vic's engaged.... it was amazing fun engagement party
He's finishing grad school n maybe moving to Sha for a yr or two to work? Maybe? Well, not til after the wedding ths summer. 
The last 1 in the family! It was such a fun party. Tony n frank were totally wasted. It felt more like a wedding banquet instead. 

While I've been away, mark's moved to TPE for a yr to study chinese n get his residency. 
So many chgs in ppl's lives

Anna n simon r back in London 
ShAntony r back to tpe in tienmu now with their child
Rodney is in Singapore w Starr
Eve's baby is totally cute
Niko n laurent no longer together
Abi & Horia were married just b4 us n moved to Dubai
Mike lee is abt to hv a baby
Nanci's sisters r all engaged
Celvyn n Nancy's tied the knot in DR
Matthew n Judy got married, tho I cudn't attend the wedding since we had other plans for kirk's bday around same time.
I did attend scott's wedding in Ithaca. 
Camil n Candice were married just b4 us
So did Patricia 
Roman is 1
Sophie's in school
Ther's another sophie born to cindy & boyd
My name is now quite popular in the US
Fiona is growing up fast
So r all my little ones, not so little anymore really. 
The floating pcs hv settled
who is next?

In a yr's span, so many things has chg'd. It continuous to flow forward whether 1 wants it or not. N I like to spend time visiting frnds to catch up. It was nice to c nicky, although I hv to say, if it wasn't cuz I was nearby already, I'd rather not b in England during ths time o the yr. Just too gray n cold n wet! I mean, ther's no diff here vs pdx! Travels in the winter sh b to somewher warmer. Still it was good to catch up w/Anna n nicky n sander n eve, TPE crew in uk! 
Paris was always great n I got the chance to practice it, I think I sh go back to alliance francaise to cont w my classes. I manages to meet up w johann but missed tristan. Walt n jeff were just in Paris b4 our arrival. Too bad, else Paris wd b such a blast w them! Was fun for me to try to navigate riding the bikes thru town some days. 
Niki gave me a fait-main guide book n I got to explore a little differently ths time. I shopped a lot while I was ther cuz things here just seem to fit me. it was the SOLDES too! Caught the tale end o it. Chris was supposed to come too, bt in the end chg'd her mind abt coming. I wish she came tho. It's not last few yrs tht we really spent a lot o time in the same city n got the chance to kno the grown up version o ourselves better. It's amazing to hv a sister, best thing ever. 
I also feel I need to sound time w all my little ones. But it's nit easy when they r so far away n not in the same parts o t world. I also really need ti spend more time w my parents. ESP since I haven't been really good abt it. They r getting older n older ea day, ther's such a distance too. I'd luv to b nearer n do things w them more often. Tho I think being on vacation w them is easier than everyday life, cuz they're less distracted n more relaxed.
I think my mission in life is just to float n flow n visit w ppl!? Haha, j/k. I need to hv a job o sorts. Ptg is just my meditation n well, prob won't b famous or at all til long after I'm gone. Or ever at all. Who knos? It's just tht some days I feel useless. Humans r raised to hv a job n feel useful. I'm lucky not hv'g to worry too much but still at times, I just feel as if I hv to hv something more meaningful? But then again, why b producing things tht just go to waste in ths world o objects n desires? Don't hv any real answers here, just pondering. Rambling on n on. 

Am looking forward to being home w kissa n k. Ah, just realized tht they r both Ks. Rest n regroup n go back to Hawaii in 2 weeks! Now tht is somewhere warm. Can't wait. Sorry kissa, u r gonna hv to go stay w maha again. I'm a bad mommy. 
K is waiting
Sean us talented artist
Calvin writes well
They r all amazing n such gems

Ths trip traveling w flat calvin has been gr8. (this links r the fotos taken) I realized how much I'd like to share w them the places I've been n it's beauties. I did travel down memory lane w K by going to Lyon n Vienne w him. Too bad we missed diane n Alu since they'r till in tw

Am mostly caught up now... The battery's dying anyways, so gotta save the last bits o juice for in cases. Abt to land soon too.