pdx->sna, sfo, sea, yvr, pdx (via train)

portland has been so gray this spring, i was so tired from waiting for the sun, decided to seek him out. i've never thought for some1 like me who worships the moon that i'd b a sun seeker. but here i am, traveling south. though southern cal wasn't that much warmer, i was def able to find the sun. it brightens my heart up so much more. i guess growing up in sunny socal does make a huge difference! i appreciate the sun way more now. n i realize i've neglected the moon lately, except when i notice the full moon on a clear nite (u can't always c the moon in heavy clouds here in pdx)
anyway, all along the west coast as i traveled ths time, i realized that everyone is fully aware o t fact that spring/summer has yet to hit the west coast. it's been really really cool winter n delayed spring/summer. even michigan/nyc r in their 90s! what is going on? but of course we all kno wht. cannot deny tht our world is shifting fast. no matter which terminology u wish to use, our earth is shifting. we just don't kno the end results for sure yet. n the major thing that will hit ppl is the food shortage that will sure come around in domino effects.
on lighter note, i had an amazing time catching up w/ frnds in OC. hanging out with family n kids. just being home. tho the ocean was too cold to b in, we were able to play on the beach. walking about n visiting some other small towns such as san clemente n san juan capistrano. watched a soccer game n catch up. checked out the status o my wedding dress too. looking good!
n my frnds from nyc were visiting bay area, so i flew to meet up with them, ths was the last days o virgin america flying out from sna n my 1st time flying w/them. we were lucky to b able to stay at kelly's frnd o frnd's apt in mission district. awesome space n art n cookbooks. we walked thru town n chk'd out the Heath ceramics shop in the ferry bldg. both henry n kelly bought something. i was really tempted but due to our small condo space, less is more. i will wait til later to make tht purchase. ths day starts my eating tour. after lunch we rode the famous cable car o sf hills n ended up on polk str. turns out henry's got an illustrator, leigh, whose studio happens to b nearby. it was really nice to visit an artists studio n enjoy a nice afternoon o chatting. but seriously, ths girl gets hungry fast. so we wnt back to get ready for our trip to napa. jenn had invited us to stay w/her at her father's place for a few days. that was so much fun. eating our way thru the town n wine tasting. such a diff world here, so beautiful even in the rain. rain makes u luv the sun more. n rain here is so fresh feeling. we all agreed tho, that Cade has the best "site" most welcoming n beautiful view. commercial but not heavy handed. we ate at Bouchon tht nite n next day, with the sun being out, we were able to go on a picnic. altho i hv to say, ther's a bit o allergy here in northern cal for me. i couldn't stop sneezing. can it b tht i've become so used to the weather up in nw region tht i'm now allergic to sunny days? NOT EVER LIKELY, i hv to say. just the napa spring i'm not used to afterall.
from here i wnt back into sfo to meet up w/cindy/nick/wayne/mai for dinner b4 my flt to sea to meet w/kirk. but flt was delayed again, ths time wasn't obama's fault. it's the pilot who missed his flt to fly us north. funny. so i ended up arriving really really late into seattle airport.... 1.30am? when i searched out the taxi stand, i took the limo waiting for his last fare into the city, paying him the same rate as i would a taxi, except it was a huge limo. totally empty on the inside besides me, it felt lonely being in ther on my own. but the driver was very frndly n kept up small talks with me. hotel 1000 seemed like a nice hotel except i didn't get to c much o it since i was ther only 4 hrs to sleep.
our train to vancouver leaves at 7.30am. so nice to b traveling via t/trains again. i was able to read from the kindle i got from frank n catch up on some z's. it's so relaxing to view the world thru the train. ths particular line, the cascades, wnt along the water edge, tho it was mostly 15% gray/white look. fog n rain is covering the entire northwest. thus we had our entire yvr stay covered in mist. but yvr is such a fun city when u'r being introduced it's history, etc. k's aunt/uncle were so nice n knowledgeable, giving us a driving tour o the city. barb cooked the most amazing dinner n it all seemed so effortless. i wanna b a cook like tht. she made this kale crisps for snacks, something i've gotta try myself too. it's better than serving tortilla chips! dinner was fun cuz we got to hang out w/other cousins o k's too n the conversation always lively n thoughtful.
then we spent nxt afternoon immersed in MOA (museum o anthropology) looking at amazing 1st nation art/cultural collections. the term 1st nation is so much better n respectful to the ppl that were here b4 us than "native american" why do we not do that here also? i'm completely fascinated by the culture n myths of the nw coast ppl. i will need to do further studies on their stories. n their styles r so graphic n balanced.
it's so nice to b in touch w/ur cousins. it's another thing i will need to do too, catch up w/my own cousins. tho we always fig they don't quite like our family.
yesterday, brendon was really sweet to drive us to breakfast then train station 2 catch our bus/train back to pdx. i can't wait to c their sm footprint house at the other end o barb's yard. when i saw the floorplan n the sm model, i thought it'll b such an amazing cozy home for him n akua. our trip home was leisurely. had a couple hrs o layover in sea, bright sunny day. so we wnt to Le Pichet for lunch b4 hopping back on the train (1st leg was bus). now i'm back, back to work/paint n wedding prep world.
today, it's been a day o trying to work n fix my flt, etc. turns out to b so wet n cold. i will stay home n try to stay focused. i will also add some fotos to ths blog in a bit. once i finish editing the bookcover design

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