web desn, 2day.

i'm finally done with ths website dsn 4 a frnd o mine in pdx, of course w/a lot o coding help from my brother, victor. what was required was a scripting thing needed since we'r scrolling only left/right, with no scroll bars, only buttons n arrows. well, in the end, though it was a lot of headache, i learned a lot... i learnt again n i remembered why i never did like web desn, n why i nvr got into it like other ppl.
and i was able to focus a bit more on our wedding invite, the cyanotype image i've made for ths project is from my artwork with luna painting and foto of the duckie/goose statues we found at good will 1 sunday afternoon.

it's taken longer to do it ths way, but invite's artwork will b unique. tmrw i will hv to go to art store to exchange my purchases o the cardstocks, etc, meet w/designer for my ring, then go to his office to print the vellum part o the invite. on tues, i'll b away again to visit OC! it's then i will finish printing the cyanotypes n assemble the whole invite together. gotta send'em out by end o stay in oc, cuz then i'm off to sfo n vancouver for memorial day weekend. so much going-ons!
just wish the book cover ordeal (dad's publisher lags) can b taken care o soon.

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