hello puffy!

this is the puppy-Puffy i've become so attached to. he's adorable n still learning. loves apples n strawberries or any type of fruit, nuts, foods, etc. if it's edible, it's his. but we'r being careful not to feed him human stuff (human cooked n processed) anyway, so isn't he adorable? yah a bit gay in my pink scarf, but it matches his coloring. and i'm sure he is "dude' enough to not mind pink at all! i will miss him tons when i leave for pdx on friday.... so sad to b leaving tw, suddenly my days r getting too short. ther's not enough time to do all the stuff i still hv to do. i will def miss my brother, vic and chris n her kids. the next time i am here in twn, ther will only b vic to hang out with. chris is moving to shanghai soon. tho i want to b excited for them, it's tough to b when i kno i will miss them even more. n tho shanghai isn't that far, i can't split my visits btwn her n vic in the same locale anymore.

ths rain is def not helping with my moods.

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