featured exhibit @ SOPA

it's been a long long while since i've posted anything onto my blog. i guess i'm just being lazy? busy? a little o both? being home for CNY holidays in feb (soCal) then now in taipei, everyday is just lots o things to do. n not staying near my computer works out to b, no blog n no fb nor twitting updates. being under the radar i guess?
well, mainly cuz ther's been no big news in my life either.
now, well, i'm in a group show in southern cal, south pasadena to b exact. it's still line work but the lines r a bit different? it's like zooming into the arabesque series a little further. i'm liking the title Fragments a lot, it describes wht ths is a bit, fragments of the larger picture. they'r my most recent work on paper. haven't chance to paint onto canvas at all. having no space to do so makes a big difference. still these smaller work r "ideas" to work out my new environment. hopefully someone will b able to view it in person. i'd love to b able to view it all install on pristine white wall with spot lights...

i've also been busy in my head lately, planning the upcoming wed party in HI. we've set a location n catering. now i got a planner person. the next step i guess is to set up a website for the event.... so much to do!

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