nye 2009->2010

01.04.10: drizzling all day.
activities: yoga, errands, write, massage.

when i returned from x'mas visit to southern cal, we had plans to do a road trip either to VC or somewhere nearby... then on the day it snowed big time in portland, i became violently ill, tht was on 12.29.09. i had spent the day in Beaverton, running errands, hanging out. it started to snow big time n by early evening, while trying to drive home, it was traffic everywhere. ths snow has caught everyone off guard cuz i guess rain was expected instead. it took us 2 hrs to drive the 8 miles into town, once ther, we were stuck on 2 blocks for another hr. we gave up driving like many many ppl out ther n left t/car safely parked n wnt to eat at higgins. walking in t/snow w/out hat nor proper shoes was def a contributor to my sudden illness later, but i'm thinking the bug was prob ther already fr/hanging out w/kids who had passed it along... my body was fighting it off n was unsuccessful b'cuz o the wet hair n feet as we then walked on home after a quick bite.
i described it as "violent" cuz it came on so suddenly as i retched out everything in my body in all possible directions until ther was nothing left but air in my body n aching joints tht made it impossible to rest properly. i had lost all the energy i normally hv. i did finally fell asleep.
i was thankful to hv someone so caring with me, remembering to chk my temperatures. n of course t/aide o my dad's various medicines to help me thru the worst.
it wasn't until the next day i had a slight fever tho. by late afternoon, the aches gone n fever has broken. i ate some crackers n drank some juices n held it all down. then i was fine by nitefall. amazing recovery. i must've lost some o t/wt i finally gained over t/holidays. somewhere around 2lbs? wii fit says 1.5 but tht was according to the last weigh in 45 days ago. so long as i don't dip below 100, i'm ok. tho i do prefer to b at 105lbs. happy wt.

in the end, ther's no travel plans b4 nye as we had wished to do! but k was able to plan something quickly on top o our orig scheduled pink martini concert tht nite. gathering at eddy's (nice pad) n dinner at west cafe (not so great) then walk over to schnitzer for t/concert (2nd show o t nite by PM) when they perform in pdx, they hv amazing gathering force. it's a larger string n wind section, then ther's the choir ths time. amazing music of course. the song after countdown was our favorite, "sing!" for finale/ encore, was "brazil" w/another set o brazilian drum section and carnival dancers. the stage n isles were filled w/ppl n balloons (red came home w/us)
altho i'm not out partying or dancing or being in craziness, it is still amazing fun. when i heard the title song o PM's 4th album, Splendor in the Grass, it touched me deeply. i remember in paris w/my sister Chris, n we'd look at ea/other n kno tht all's well w/us, no matter our disagreements, etc... ther's always us together even if we'r on diff sides o t/pacific. i beleive ths song is my theme o 2010. ths is the lyrics to t/song...
I can see you're thinking baby
I've been thinking too
about the way we used to be
and how to start anew

Maybe I'm a hopeless dreamer
maybe I've got it wrong
but i'm going where the grass is green
if you like to come along

Back when i was starting out
I always wanted more
but every time I got it
I still felt just like before

Fortune is a fickle friend
I'm tired of chasing fate
and when I look into your eyes
I know you feel the same

All these years of living large
are starting to do a sin
I wont say it wasn't fun
but now it has to end

Life is moving oh so fast
I think we should take it slow
rest our heads upon the grass
and listen to it grow

Going where the hills are green
and the cars are few and far
days are full of splendor
and at night you can see the stars

Life's been moving oh so fast
I think we should take it slow
rest our heads upon the grass
and listen to it grow

voilà, c'est le premiere ecrit cet anneé. je souhaite contente à tout, à ma famille n mes amis. à la prochaine.
p.s. i want to thank the nice comment A has written recently on my blog. i didn't realize ther were readers other than my frnds. very encouraging thought. tks!

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