when does a designER becomes desn snob? a person can appreciate desn in every aspect of their lives but also know when some times, ther's a pt to pause n rethink it. wht is the diff? need to think more n delve deeper into ths b4 i can explain better what i'm thinking...


pdx->sna, sfo, sea, yvr, pdx (via train)

portland has been so gray this spring, i was so tired from waiting for the sun, decided to seek him out. i've never thought for some1 like me who worships the moon that i'd b a sun seeker. but here i am, traveling south. though southern cal wasn't that much warmer, i was def able to find the sun. it brightens my heart up so much more. i guess growing up in sunny socal does make a huge difference! i appreciate the sun way more now. n i realize i've neglected the moon lately, except when i notice the full moon on a clear nite (u can't always c the moon in heavy clouds here in pdx)
anyway, all along the west coast as i traveled ths time, i realized that everyone is fully aware o t fact that spring/summer has yet to hit the west coast. it's been really really cool winter n delayed spring/summer. even michigan/nyc r in their 90s! what is going on? but of course we all kno wht. cannot deny tht our world is shifting fast. no matter which terminology u wish to use, our earth is shifting. we just don't kno the end results for sure yet. n the major thing that will hit ppl is the food shortage that will sure come around in domino effects.
on lighter note, i had an amazing time catching up w/ frnds in OC. hanging out with family n kids. just being home. tho the ocean was too cold to b in, we were able to play on the beach. walking about n visiting some other small towns such as san clemente n san juan capistrano. watched a soccer game n catch up. checked out the status o my wedding dress too. looking good!
n my frnds from nyc were visiting bay area, so i flew to meet up with them, ths was the last days o virgin america flying out from sna n my 1st time flying w/them. we were lucky to b able to stay at kelly's frnd o frnd's apt in mission district. awesome space n art n cookbooks. we walked thru town n chk'd out the Heath ceramics shop in the ferry bldg. both henry n kelly bought something. i was really tempted but due to our small condo space, less is more. i will wait til later to make tht purchase. ths day starts my eating tour. after lunch we rode the famous cable car o sf hills n ended up on polk str. turns out henry's got an illustrator, leigh, whose studio happens to b nearby. it was really nice to visit an artists studio n enjoy a nice afternoon o chatting. but seriously, ths girl gets hungry fast. so we wnt back to get ready for our trip to napa. jenn had invited us to stay w/her at her father's place for a few days. that was so much fun. eating our way thru the town n wine tasting. such a diff world here, so beautiful even in the rain. rain makes u luv the sun more. n rain here is so fresh feeling. we all agreed tho, that Cade has the best "site" most welcoming n beautiful view. commercial but not heavy handed. we ate at Bouchon tht nite n next day, with the sun being out, we were able to go on a picnic. altho i hv to say, ther's a bit o allergy here in northern cal for me. i couldn't stop sneezing. can it b tht i've become so used to the weather up in nw region tht i'm now allergic to sunny days? NOT EVER LIKELY, i hv to say. just the napa spring i'm not used to afterall.
from here i wnt back into sfo to meet up w/cindy/nick/wayne/mai for dinner b4 my flt to sea to meet w/kirk. but flt was delayed again, ths time wasn't obama's fault. it's the pilot who missed his flt to fly us north. funny. so i ended up arriving really really late into seattle airport.... 1.30am? when i searched out the taxi stand, i took the limo waiting for his last fare into the city, paying him the same rate as i would a taxi, except it was a huge limo. totally empty on the inside besides me, it felt lonely being in ther on my own. but the driver was very frndly n kept up small talks with me. hotel 1000 seemed like a nice hotel except i didn't get to c much o it since i was ther only 4 hrs to sleep.
our train to vancouver leaves at 7.30am. so nice to b traveling via t/trains again. i was able to read from the kindle i got from frank n catch up on some z's. it's so relaxing to view the world thru the train. ths particular line, the cascades, wnt along the water edge, tho it was mostly 15% gray/white look. fog n rain is covering the entire northwest. thus we had our entire yvr stay covered in mist. but yvr is such a fun city when u'r being introduced it's history, etc. k's aunt/uncle were so nice n knowledgeable, giving us a driving tour o the city. barb cooked the most amazing dinner n it all seemed so effortless. i wanna b a cook like tht. she made this kale crisps for snacks, something i've gotta try myself too. it's better than serving tortilla chips! dinner was fun cuz we got to hang out w/other cousins o k's too n the conversation always lively n thoughtful.
then we spent nxt afternoon immersed in MOA (museum o anthropology) looking at amazing 1st nation art/cultural collections. the term 1st nation is so much better n respectful to the ppl that were here b4 us than "native american" why do we not do that here also? i'm completely fascinated by the culture n myths of the nw coast ppl. i will need to do further studies on their stories. n their styles r so graphic n balanced.
it's so nice to b in touch w/ur cousins. it's another thing i will need to do too, catch up w/my own cousins. tho we always fig they don't quite like our family.
yesterday, brendon was really sweet to drive us to breakfast then train station 2 catch our bus/train back to pdx. i can't wait to c their sm footprint house at the other end o barb's yard. when i saw the floorplan n the sm model, i thought it'll b such an amazing cozy home for him n akua. our trip home was leisurely. had a couple hrs o layover in sea, bright sunny day. so we wnt to Le Pichet for lunch b4 hopping back on the train (1st leg was bus). now i'm back, back to work/paint n wedding prep world.
today, it's been a day o trying to work n fix my flt, etc. turns out to b so wet n cold. i will stay home n try to stay focused. i will also add some fotos to ths blog in a bit. once i finish editing the bookcover design


web desn, 2day.

i'm finally done with ths website dsn 4 a frnd o mine in pdx, of course w/a lot o coding help from my brother, victor. what was required was a scripting thing needed since we'r scrolling only left/right, with no scroll bars, only buttons n arrows. well, in the end, though it was a lot of headache, i learned a lot... i learnt again n i remembered why i never did like web desn, n why i nvr got into it like other ppl.
and i was able to focus a bit more on our wedding invite, the cyanotype image i've made for ths project is from my artwork with luna painting and foto of the duckie/goose statues we found at good will 1 sunday afternoon.

it's taken longer to do it ths way, but invite's artwork will b unique. tmrw i will hv to go to art store to exchange my purchases o the cardstocks, etc, meet w/designer for my ring, then go to his office to print the vellum part o the invite. on tues, i'll b away again to visit OC! it's then i will finish printing the cyanotypes n assemble the whole invite together. gotta send'em out by end o stay in oc, cuz then i'm off to sfo n vancouver for memorial day weekend. so much going-ons!
just wish the book cover ordeal (dad's publisher lags) can b taken care o soon.


single image painting

these r my current paintings, painted over on top of the ones i did last fall which i was not happy with, feeling unresolved. well it's now where i want them to b... need a title for these guys tho.
any ideas?


studio space

i found a studio space to paint in. it isn't big at'all, 7.5'x12'? something like that, but it's a space all to myself! over the weekend, we went to move my very few things into it, only to find out i couldn't lock my space cuz the office gave me the key to the Lovejoy spaces. altho i did manage to find a work table in the refurbished area of ikea. nice working height with brushed aluminum surface and steel legs that r very sturdy. all i need to do today is go and load up the table n i can start working in ther!

kirk has been really sweet n loaned me his drafting stool and his rugs from storage.
my goal this yr is to make at least 5 larger pcs of work. tho the 1st project i hv to finish is our invites. it will b done in my studio! yipee!

the amazing part is that the rent is so amazing, 230/month including utilities. and internet wifi is preset ther so 1 can purchase it by month/week/day or hr or not at all. and it's easy access for me from home via the street car or my bike.

now i just need to get all else settled n make it cozy.


hello puffy!

this is the puppy-Puffy i've become so attached to. he's adorable n still learning. loves apples n strawberries or any type of fruit, nuts, foods, etc. if it's edible, it's his. but we'r being careful not to feed him human stuff (human cooked n processed) anyway, so isn't he adorable? yah a bit gay in my pink scarf, but it matches his coloring. and i'm sure he is "dude' enough to not mind pink at all! i will miss him tons when i leave for pdx on friday.... so sad to b leaving tw, suddenly my days r getting too short. ther's not enough time to do all the stuff i still hv to do. i will def miss my brother, vic and chris n her kids. the next time i am here in twn, ther will only b vic to hang out with. chris is moving to shanghai soon. tho i want to b excited for them, it's tough to b when i kno i will miss them even more. n tho shanghai isn't that far, i can't split my visits btwn her n vic in the same locale anymore.

ths rain is def not helping with my moods.


featured exhibit @ SOPA

it's been a long long while since i've posted anything onto my blog. i guess i'm just being lazy? busy? a little o both? being home for CNY holidays in feb (soCal) then now in taipei, everyday is just lots o things to do. n not staying near my computer works out to b, no blog n no fb nor twitting updates. being under the radar i guess?
well, mainly cuz ther's been no big news in my life either.
now, well, i'm in a group show in southern cal, south pasadena to b exact. it's still line work but the lines r a bit different? it's like zooming into the arabesque series a little further. i'm liking the title Fragments a lot, it describes wht ths is a bit, fragments of the larger picture. they'r my most recent work on paper. haven't chance to paint onto canvas at all. having no space to do so makes a big difference. still these smaller work r "ideas" to work out my new environment. hopefully someone will b able to view it in person. i'd love to b able to view it all install on pristine white wall with spot lights...

i've also been busy in my head lately, planning the upcoming wed party in HI. we've set a location n catering. now i got a planner person. the next step i guess is to set up a website for the event.... so much to do!


hair line or cellulose line, artists tht inspires

it's been a while since i've posted any work here... well, i've not been doing too much new work. it's been very slow. maybe i've just been preoccupied, or just incubating? not sure which is which. maybe i feel as if the lines has to change for some reason? i kno it doesn't really. but what i'm seeing n experiencing, being in new town, with so many new things around me to observer, absorb, collect n regroup. it's starting to take some shape, i think. still don't kno wher ths is going just yet. i'm just glad it's moving. i was worried tht i've no longer got anything to create. tht my lines r old n farty now. maybe it is. i'm not sure, but so far, i'm liking it.

ok, so now i wanna talk about 2 artists tht i'm fascinated by recently. one is Aubrey Bearsey from over 100 yrs ago. a very young artist who only made BW work n died at the young age o 25. he was illustrating literatures n myths. i've chanced by his poster in an exhibit at musée d'orsay last nov. n finally got hold o a book on him at the library. need to read further.
and the other guy is a contemporary man, Kahinde Wiley. his paintings r figurative w/decoration n ref of the pose referring to historical renaissance art. but with current concerns n issues. i need to do further research on him as well.



2day, it's rainy like ths past weeks n will continue on. the clr o t sky is as gray as my heart. darkened n wanders. wondering about the idea... space. words said, spaces expanded. i don't kno how to deal with ths. does relationship always end up ths way? the spaces in-btwn r not so scalable. things said r misunderstood, redirected back w/finger pointed at me. is it all me? am i too much for ppl? wanting to spend time becomes crowding out someone. in a town wher frnds rn't around n work to go to, no things to do cuz it's winter. wher do i go? wher do i put my self? can not b at home waiting. after 1 yr, it's becoming tiring for the other. is it necessary to b out n about? but wher to? wht for? the plan is to move, so things r on hold. take classes? but i'm going away. yes i should go away for a while. do my own things. give more spaces. cuz exhausting someone was never my intention. the idea o space is so undefinable. what does it mean? hi, hello, goodbye? or silence. or not to hang out? i don't get it. if a person needs to do their thing, then do it. i don't need someone to do everything w/me. i was just being considerate. but in the end, its crowding n exhausting. perhaps i...


mirror mirror on the wall...

from the moment i stepped into the show (my thinking spot) all these thoughts came to my head. thoughts i wanted to write here. let me list it down now cuz i've been trying really hard not to forget them.
-what would u change physically, 1 part o ur body?
-with friends everywher, o all kinds, do u hv a person u spill ur heart out to?
wow, tht took some effort to remember n write down. btwn going into the shower n stepping out n getting dressed, the whole process takes up some time, not enough to do many things, but the brainwaves r funny n fast. talking in ur own head seem rather fast process n the subjects roam from 1 to another. the 1s i wanna capture, most o it, GONE! like the things i meant to write yesterday i only got to point on PM n forgotten t/rest o things.

-b4 t/shower, i was online, chatting w/my family in cali n twn. when u hv a camera up n u c t/other person, ther's an image o urself too. n tht's when i c my face most. i don't look into t/mirror in t/bathroom much, but t/camera, nothing like an moving image to draw ur attention. i can c my face n things i would criticize about. t/age lines, t/loose facial muscles, limp hair, etc. i'm comfortable enough w/it, tho u just can't help but look at ur self when it's in front o u. guess it's some form o vanity. then i started wondering, as i stepped into my thinking spot, everyone has something he/she don't like about their body, whether it's face or other parts. over the yrs, a person's list my grow longer or shorter. if u can name 1, just 1 to fix, wht will it b? i wonder if it's a question i should post on fb? i may do just tht. i want to write it down it to think it thru b4 i do just tht. my own list, depending on t/day, has grown both long n short, but 1 thing, ths 1 thing, is cosmetically on a part o me tht most ppl won't c. it's bothered me since i've became an adult n hv grown aware o my body's physical boundary. i guess in ths way, it's about self image as a woman. i wonder if it's fixable w/modern technology?

then my thoughts continued to wonder thru many things, it's a train o thoughts, linking yet not quite. 1 thought stimulates thoughts on another subject, all the while trying very hard not to forget ths 1st thought, holding onto it like a balloon on a string. like things to do today. what's on my list?

-ah. about heart to heart. i'm here in pdx. it's not a town where 1 can make frnds easily, n if u don't hv a reg job to go to, like me, then it's even tougher. i've tried taking classes, etc, still, ppl r nice n frndly when u meet, taking it further isn't easy. ther's clicks n networks o ppl, but u hv to b here for longer time to b able to really connect. it's not all tht easy like in tpe, nyc, or cali. so besides a handful, i mainly connect w/my frnds n family online. tks to modern tech, being alone isn't too bad cuz u'r not really alone... really. we hv so many frnds floating out ther. then it occurs to me to pose ths question... o all the frnds out ther u greet n hala with, hang out n do stuff or just blab, who do u turn to to spill ur guts out with? i mean a tru heart to heart talk about things that worry u n make u sad or angry? r u tht someone for ur frnds? just thoughts tht r random. in our lifetime, in comparison to someone 100 yrs ago, we would hv met so many times more ppl, making way more frnds n acquaintances, yet, wht r t/quality time spent to kno ea/other well? we'r lucky ther's many ways to keep up t/communication; do u take t/time n energy to keep it going? do i? i think i am trying. or it should b a goal in 2010. i will try.

oops, stomach calling again.
things to do today... psd the announcement foto, organize, research on wedding thing...(sigh), take time to draw, research gallery to visit for 1st thurs, fig out how to design A's website, register for french class n painting class. don't kno how many i will actually get done, since internet always get in t/way, esp the gaming, haha. but at least, i got the blog part done.


nye 2009->2010

01.04.10: drizzling all day.
activities: yoga, errands, write, massage.

when i returned from x'mas visit to southern cal, we had plans to do a road trip either to VC or somewhere nearby... then on the day it snowed big time in portland, i became violently ill, tht was on 12.29.09. i had spent the day in Beaverton, running errands, hanging out. it started to snow big time n by early evening, while trying to drive home, it was traffic everywhere. ths snow has caught everyone off guard cuz i guess rain was expected instead. it took us 2 hrs to drive the 8 miles into town, once ther, we were stuck on 2 blocks for another hr. we gave up driving like many many ppl out ther n left t/car safely parked n wnt to eat at higgins. walking in t/snow w/out hat nor proper shoes was def a contributor to my sudden illness later, but i'm thinking the bug was prob ther already fr/hanging out w/kids who had passed it along... my body was fighting it off n was unsuccessful b'cuz o the wet hair n feet as we then walked on home after a quick bite.
i described it as "violent" cuz it came on so suddenly as i retched out everything in my body in all possible directions until ther was nothing left but air in my body n aching joints tht made it impossible to rest properly. i had lost all the energy i normally hv. i did finally fell asleep.
i was thankful to hv someone so caring with me, remembering to chk my temperatures. n of course t/aide o my dad's various medicines to help me thru the worst.
it wasn't until the next day i had a slight fever tho. by late afternoon, the aches gone n fever has broken. i ate some crackers n drank some juices n held it all down. then i was fine by nitefall. amazing recovery. i must've lost some o t/wt i finally gained over t/holidays. somewhere around 2lbs? wii fit says 1.5 but tht was according to the last weigh in 45 days ago. so long as i don't dip below 100, i'm ok. tho i do prefer to b at 105lbs. happy wt.

in the end, ther's no travel plans b4 nye as we had wished to do! but k was able to plan something quickly on top o our orig scheduled pink martini concert tht nite. gathering at eddy's (nice pad) n dinner at west cafe (not so great) then walk over to schnitzer for t/concert (2nd show o t nite by PM) when they perform in pdx, they hv amazing gathering force. it's a larger string n wind section, then ther's the choir ths time. amazing music of course. the song after countdown was our favorite, "sing!" for finale/ encore, was "brazil" w/another set o brazilian drum section and carnival dancers. the stage n isles were filled w/ppl n balloons (red came home w/us)
altho i'm not out partying or dancing or being in craziness, it is still amazing fun. when i heard the title song o PM's 4th album, Splendor in the Grass, it touched me deeply. i remember in paris w/my sister Chris, n we'd look at ea/other n kno tht all's well w/us, no matter our disagreements, etc... ther's always us together even if we'r on diff sides o t/pacific. i beleive ths song is my theme o 2010. ths is the lyrics to t/song...
I can see you're thinking baby
I've been thinking too
about the way we used to be
and how to start anew

Maybe I'm a hopeless dreamer
maybe I've got it wrong
but i'm going where the grass is green
if you like to come along

Back when i was starting out
I always wanted more
but every time I got it
I still felt just like before

Fortune is a fickle friend
I'm tired of chasing fate
and when I look into your eyes
I know you feel the same

All these years of living large
are starting to do a sin
I wont say it wasn't fun
but now it has to end

Life is moving oh so fast
I think we should take it slow
rest our heads upon the grass
and listen to it grow

Going where the hills are green
and the cars are few and far
days are full of splendor
and at night you can see the stars

Life's been moving oh so fast
I think we should take it slow
rest our heads upon the grass
and listen to it grow

voilà, c'est le premiere ecrit cet anneé. je souhaite contente à tout, à ma famille n mes amis. à la prochaine.
p.s. i want to thank the nice comment A has written recently on my blog. i didn't realize ther were readers other than my frnds. very encouraging thought. tks!