it's nearly 1/2 way thru december now. i'm sitting indoors basking in the sun here in portland, but don't let the sunlight n warmth deceive u here, outside is somewhere in the low 30sF. tht's nearly 0 in Celsius, or freezing. i hv been working on the catalog for my family n used it as my excuse not to step out o the condo in past 2 days. its just way too cold to b out ther. well, i'm just being lazy too. once i step outside, it'll take a while b4 i can return home, as i tend to wander thru town at a slow pace. next thing u kno, i'm nowhere near catching up to my deadline. so now tht i'm in the editing mode, i'd like to just take a breather n write a little, catch up on my thoughts, random as it may b.

ths morning, i finally got off my ass n step outside n trimmed off the dead tomato plant we've named Roma. on monday, he has officially died, or froze to death. it was sad sight to bear. we've managed to grow ths plant from the first day o farmer's mkt back in may. after the whole summer passed, we've gotten 1 tomato tht got stuck on the vine til ths past sunday when i decided to cut it open n c wht's up. it just wasn't ready. but the entire fall season, we've been getting loads o blooms n ther were 2 little tomatoes coming to life. now... we'll just hv to wait til next spring n start over.
anyway, so i trimmed n rewrapped the metal container with the saran wrap tht is on ths thing. 3 out o my 4 herbs tht r planted w/Roma r still alive, so i carefully redid everything in tighter smaller space. i hope they will survive ths winter. Limone (our meyer lemon mini tree) has been quickly rescued n is now indoors along w/Minty n Purple dude (i don't kno wht ths plant is, but he's got purple leaves). it's nice having plants around the house.

i hv been really lazy about writing since summer. i kno i've yet to write up the part 2 o my oz trip. n about the other travels tht has dotted ths yr. ther's been a lot. major n minor travels. but so much to catch up on. but i've been engrossed in playing games on fb when i'm not out or traveling or working. ther's also the time u hv to stop everything to spend w/t person in ur life. n tht distracts above all else i guess.
in terms o my paintings, tht's been very slow progressing also. i'm not sure why. partially it's space. i can't just mess up ths room i live in now in pdx. it's our living room n tho i've alrdy confiscated a corner to b my desk. spreading out further is no good, cuz i'd hv to clean it up every evening. tried working outdoors, but tht doesn't work out so well when u can't c ur torches flames. ok, i can paint other things, but summer is when i'm working on the lunar book. so all i can say is, i'm a bit lazy n lost. am i supposed to come up w/something diff to work out or do i just continue my arabesque series?
many thoughts run thru my head, maybe i'm stuck cuz i'm incubating? perhaps.

well, it's time for me to get things ready to head out n run a few errands. it's like walking myself. once ths is all done, i promise myself to start going to yoga classes again. i can't believe i don't do yoga like i used to anymore. was a 3-4 day week routine + rock climbing! now i barely go yoga n no rock climbing at all!!! n ths is supposed to b great rock climbing town. but if u don't hv a partner, u don't hv chances to go. maybe i should do it in the day time. since evenings r all my precious time-spent hours.

i hope by ths evening i will remember wht i had intended to design for the cover o the catalog. damn, i should've sketched it first or write it down. now i can't recall except tht chris is on ther.