creeping close to nov.

is it end o oct already? well very close to it, then it's nov, dec/ jan 2010! wow, time just ticks by so quickly n silently. i remember getting on the flt to portland on 12/31/08 from tpe n now it's almost a yr since i hv been here. miss my 12th floor home n vic very much. altho ths new life w/another person is great but i miss my own place too. ok, even tho tpe isn't tht ideal w/mosquitos n humidity, etc. but i did spend the time decorating it n making it my home. and i do feel bad 4 just leaving vic ther on his own in tht space. miss my sis n kids too. sometimes i wish it's all in t/same city so i can visit w/everyone often n yet lead my own life too. anyhoo. ths project is dragging on n on n on. has never been such trouble 4 me b4! "reputable" printer ≠ better printer. they suck! so now tht the pdf font issue is resolved, i hv to resolve my duotone issue! damn. when has anyone met such trouble trying to print ths thing, not i! they can't solve any problems so i hv to do it all. so tired. no time to paint n it's dragging into my free time b4 next catalog dsgn time.
enough complaining.
so yesterday i was home working. i'm all set up now w/my 23" monitor i lugged back from OC. we hv nothing left for breakfast except muesli w/yogurt. i ended up eating tht n a squash soup for late lunch n no snacks b4 hoefesh shechter dance performance at 7.30 so we rushed 2 mkt to buy some energy bar n juice n sun chips. then shared a late dinner after at Higgins. was yummy food. so yesterday i had a vegetarian day. hope my wt doesn't drop too much. anyway, the dance co performed 2 pcs, Uprising and In Your Room w/a live band n music he's composed himself. they had only 2 stops in US west, UCLA n here. they'r very powerful pcs. Uprising was a bit too masculine n raw, towards t/end it was too much the same tempo. but the tension was good. lots o very hiphop dance moves n things i saw at raves, haha. the 2nd was def more interesting, w/11 dancers, it was quite powerful. tho he's trying to say lots n maybe too much trying to say at the same time was a bit tough to get it thru. maybe in a couple o yrs his choreogrphy wl b even more mature n it'll smooth out. i love their energy n tension n dynamics tho. it's def a chroeogrpher to watch 4.

ths morning i was awakend w/an email... aiyo! i guess my hopes o not working on tht stupid book is smashed. back to drawing board.
is ok, i will treat myself by going to paris.
n buy tix to philip glasse's opera, ORPHEE later
looking forward to pink martini album release party.
hv a great day.
it's all white fog out ther.
w/lots o autumn colors.

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eugene said...

what phil glass opera are you seeing?