wow, is it that time o the yr again? my bday which is in fall, marking the beginning o all the various holidays, halloween, thanksgiving, x'mas, new yr, chinese new yr!
i've been really out o touch w/my blog lately, not tht i hvn't got anything to write. just been so busy trying to finish my lunar book project, which is now... nearly 2 full weeks later than originally projected! i'm nearly ther tho. i had thought yesterday, after staying up all nite to finish some last minute corrections, tht i was all done. nope, still a lot o little things. will ths thing never end? i want to start painting already! really!
update on the tomato situation. hmmm, not so successful. ther's finally 1 growing, but the weather has turned really wet n cold now. i wonder if the plant will survive.
well. i hope i will b able to sort out things soon n start writing more. twittering is just not getting my thoughts n feelings thru.

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thinking skeleton said...

Happy birthday Sophie!!!!