lost in deadline land.

i kno it's been a while since i really really wrote anything substantial, it has been such a busy summer o traveling n visiting families, n of course, the pile o summer desn work... which i'm really falling behind. hadn't even the chance to really enjoy portland's summer n now it's fall! our time here is limited. ther's a goal to leave town before the heaviest o winter sets in. i'm just hoping i can get thru all these work here so i can paint again. ther's some work i wanna work out here. maybe i should ask larry about renting a spot in his studio to paint in.
ok, enough break from my work. will continue to try to get it all done by being the latest 1 week overdue. the thing w/being designer, u get the blame when something's late. cuz u'r the end o the line o things. but i'd say 1 week isn't too bad tho since everything was stalling in t/beginning o summer. got a late start.
when ths is all done, i will continue w/part 2 o my travel writing on oz n others things ths past summer. if i can remember.

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