artists beat the flood, paint/ auction

as i got ready to leave for nyc/ taiwan, i received an email invite calling out to artists to participate in a meaningful event in taipei, while i would b here for. so instead o going on vacation on 9/5th weekend, i decided to participate too. 21 artists painted in the gallery/ cafe of Lili in Tienmu aread from 10am to 8.30pm... w/silent auction going on thru the day n final live auction tht nite. ther were visitors throughout the day stopping by chatting w/us. we got to visit w/ea other and chat about our work n hang out. very fun to b in a community when painting. altho by 6pm, i was soooooooooo exhausted to b painting non-stop since 10 n breathing turpentine fumes tht i was a bit lite headed. i think we made total o 500,000twd for the floor releif aid. awesome! in all the chaos, i didn't get a chance to document the show at all! but the link to Lili cafe has fotos taken by Roma.

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thinking skeleton said...

Nice painting for great cause!!!