1st nite... tokyo avec bagaboo.

after a long delay at the JFK airport, our orig short flt to Narita turned out to b extra long. all tht waiting on the plane w/out taking off killed me. thankfully i had a whole row to myself plus kirk gave me a nice blanket, i was set to sleep.
we arrived tokyo shibuya district after another long train ride.... but the ramen at Ichiran, just around the back o our hotel was just totally worth it.


holographic scratch board, new toy!

i kno i should b working... deadline hell n all, but it's friday! i really wanna just draw... so this is today n last week's new work.


quick update

ths is wht i did since friday, during an advanced encaustics workshop here in pdx. jeff gunn is a great teacher. n the new classmates were all very interesting women. it's not quite finished, but these things take time. it's been really hot here, tough to work in a studio w/out a/c nor a proper fan. but i still am loving wht i hv so far. ok, back to work now, on my bread n butter work.