it's been a while since i've done proper yoga. having the right teacher is very important. since i've been in portland ths past 1/2 yr, i've yet to find a space/teacher i find interesting for me. mainly also, vinyasa is the most popular n some ashtanga n hot yoga types. not my cup o tea. but in newport beach, cali, Juris's classes r always so fun n interesting, building strength n flexibility n breath w/out the show-off ppls, etc. of course, in tpe ths last couple o yrs, i've been going to Rob's classes, which may seem basic but u build alignment while gaining strength/ flexibility. in yoga, difficult poses doesn't mean anything if ur balance is off or ur muscles, etc rn't aligned properly. so being home for a visit means i get to refresh on my fav yoga sessions n learn new things. and the sunshine/ beach!

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