here i am, back home with victor in taipei. it's been 1/2 year since i've been away from tpe. our living room has grown very cozy. i like it. i guess i'm jet-lagged cuz it's daytime in pdx n i'm wide awake!!!!
good to b back, even if just 1 week. will hv loads to do, including finding my twn id card.... was it stolen? or lost?

i kno my mom does hv my tote n silver rings by accident.
it's so hard trying to remember what is wher...
so good to b back in my room.
sooooo good to hang out w/my bro again too! tho i'll only b able to c him for a few days b4 he takes off to osaka.
now i just can't b lazy n run all my errands asap! only 1 week til oz!

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eugene said...

yay! welcome back to taipei! have some tasty noodles and meat sauce for me! :p