rose garden in the other city of roses, portland, OR

Pasadena, CA was the other city of roses i've lived in yrs ago when i was going to school at art center, but i didn't really fully appreciate flowers then. now, i'm living in portland, OR, another city of roses, after a freezing winter, spring means so much more and the blooms, they'r amazing. well, maybe also, after nearly a yr of floral arrangement class, i've had better appreciation also of flowers n various plants.
we visited the japnaese garden and then stopped to look at the rose garden. the last time i was here, nearly 1 month ago. the rose bushes were all just barely starting to grow new leaves! now their blooming, beyond first blooms! wow! so amazing. the colours n varieties! it's crazily beautiful. but we were hungry so didn't stick around too much longer... well n kirk couldn't stop sneezing too.
which is ur favorite color?

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