in this mobile age, being a designer who's always worked freelance on projects, i'm quite used to being 'mobile.' To my family, however, i'm just never "available" because i'm not physically in taiwan most of the time. it is very unfair to state this, because, of all the projects i hv done in the past, most i hv done while traveling around. i'm rarely in the actual office. i was accused of not making myself available. i felt wronged in many ways, cuz i've always been online working with the taiwan office. i finish my project b4 deadline. if ther's delays, it's always been the management who doesn't respond to my emails n such. not being around has always been. but that is a physicality of the old days. ths is mobile tech world. why is it wrong to b traveling. every yr i hv to explain tht's how i've always worked in the past. i flew 14hrs to tpe just for an hour meeting just so i can b here in person, in the physical, just so things will start rolling n to prove tht i'm "here" it pains me to b accused of not being 'available' when i'm the most available once the project starts....
ths is the same thing as my family saying always tht i don't call nor do i give notice o my travels, etc. when i say it in advance, no one pays notice until i am actually away. then they'r always surprised by it n say tht i do ths n tht n i never tell them. old habbits die hard, n old impressions die hard. so even if i didn't do it, it is assumed tht i didn't call n i don't tell ahead.