in this mobile age, being a designer who's always worked freelance on projects, i'm quite used to being 'mobile.' To my family, however, i'm just never "available" because i'm not physically in taiwan most of the time. it is very unfair to state this, because, of all the projects i hv done in the past, most i hv done while traveling around. i'm rarely in the actual office. i was accused of not making myself available. i felt wronged in many ways, cuz i've always been online working with the taiwan office. i finish my project b4 deadline. if ther's delays, it's always been the management who doesn't respond to my emails n such. not being around has always been. but that is a physicality of the old days. ths is mobile tech world. why is it wrong to b traveling. every yr i hv to explain tht's how i've always worked in the past. i flew 14hrs to tpe just for an hour meeting just so i can b here in person, in the physical, just so things will start rolling n to prove tht i'm "here" it pains me to b accused of not being 'available' when i'm the most available once the project starts....
ths is the same thing as my family saying always tht i don't call nor do i give notice o my travels, etc. when i say it in advance, no one pays notice until i am actually away. then they'r always surprised by it n say tht i do ths n tht n i never tell them. old habbits die hard, n old impressions die hard. so even if i didn't do it, it is assumed tht i didn't call n i don't tell ahead.


It's nice 2 b hanging out w/my boys again.



here i am, back home with victor in taipei. it's been 1/2 year since i've been away from tpe. our living room has grown very cozy. i like it. i guess i'm jet-lagged cuz it's daytime in pdx n i'm wide awake!!!!
good to b back, even if just 1 week. will hv loads to do, including finding my twn id card.... was it stolen? or lost?

i kno my mom does hv my tote n silver rings by accident.
it's so hard trying to remember what is wher...
so good to b back in my room.
sooooo good to hang out w/my bro again too! tho i'll only b able to c him for a few days b4 he takes off to osaka.
now i just can't b lazy n run all my errands asap! only 1 week til oz!

another line

i've not shown this online yet, have i?


rose garden in the other city of roses, portland, OR

Pasadena, CA was the other city of roses i've lived in yrs ago when i was going to school at art center, but i didn't really fully appreciate flowers then. now, i'm living in portland, OR, another city of roses, after a freezing winter, spring means so much more and the blooms, they'r amazing. well, maybe also, after nearly a yr of floral arrangement class, i've had better appreciation also of flowers n various plants.
we visited the japnaese garden and then stopped to look at the rose garden. the last time i was here, nearly 1 month ago. the rose bushes were all just barely starting to grow new leaves! now their blooming, beyond first blooms! wow! so amazing. the colours n varieties! it's crazily beautiful. but we were hungry so didn't stick around too much longer... well n kirk couldn't stop sneezing too.
which is ur favorite color?


bust of aphrodite

i've returned from a cruise w/my parents + their frnds in the mediterranean, n this is my fav gift i brought back, now she has a glow to go w/her beauty.