friday of foods!

after french class at the alliance francaise, we wnt to try out luck again at Pok Pok. since it's lunch time, we'r hoping we could get seated finally, n not 1 to 2 hrs waits. we sat down to tasty lunch, altho the pad see yew was a bit on the salty side, everything else was amazing. then we had dessert, pok pok afogado (espresso w/ice cream) but their version includes condensed milk n 油條 (chinese fried donut, which is usually served as breakfast item, usually savory dips)! never thought to eat it w/ice cream but it's amazing combo!
then shopped around at new seasons mkt. for our basic groceries. been wanting to chk ths 1 out. very nice space n things. it's like a cross btwn whole food & trader joe's, with pricing in btwn the two. the produce part, will wait til sat for it.
heard tht at nike, ther's an expected 500 employee cutbacks occurring nxt week. so everyone is quite anxious. today, nearly everyone is working fr/home or taking a break. i'm benefiting fr/ths cuz we got to spend a whole afternoon hanging out. lunch, shopping, lecture at ocac, then dinner w/alex & alie at Acadia. a new orleans style resto i've been wanting to try out on Fremont. i had thought it's across t/strt fr/La Provence, but i'm way off. tho ther's a shop called Arcadia across fr/tht, not acadia! damn. both the mixed drinks & the foods were amazing. kirk has the roasted chicken w/morel mushroom. i gotta get me some o tht at the farmer's mkt tmrw.

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e.kuo said...

o yum! i love yio tiau! (what are they called in english.) i still remember that place you took me to in taipei!