sunshine weekend, pdx!

what a beautiful weekend this has been, here in portland! finally the sunshine n warmth i've been waiting for stuck around thru t/entire weekend!
sat after a leisurely late breakfast, headed to the nearby farmer's market to stock up on much needed stock of veggies. since last nite the morel experience was so amazing (i've never cooked with fresh morels, wow) we bought some fresh ones n other things. only disappointing thing is tht the summer fruits r not here yet :-( too tired o apples n pears alrdy. still, it's great to b out n seeing everyone out n about enjoying the sun too.
in the p.m. we drove out to the wine country (south towards Dundee) to the Red Ridge Farm. it's ther we found our Limone (meyer lemon tree) i had no idea the flowers r so fragrant! n also purchased a few other herbs i didn't get at the farmer's earlier. this is a most beautifully organised farm/ nursery w/olive oil farm. we missed the winery hours at Lange, so no wine for sunday's picnic/hike. still, it's been a wonderful day out. we then wnt home to enjoy sun on the balcony w/a pre-dinner drink.
for dinner, used the frozen meatballs i've made w/italian sausage, grnd beef, onions n tofu (instead of breadcrumbs) n a sauce with shitake mushrooms w/leftover mint/cilantro pesto. turns out quite good, altho the sweet pea sprouts weren't all perfectly tender.

sun, after having done wii fit chk ups n a few games, we're finally off to the coast. neahkahnie mtn has a hiking trail, 3.2 miles roundtrop at med difficulty. driving out to the coast is like 70+ miles. fr/ther another 15 miles south to the trailhead. altho according to the book, it's 17.2 miles south of cannon beach, which according to t/car's odometer, it's not so. we ended up driving back n forth a bit to find it. turns out, it's just up the hill after the oswald west state park (short sand beach, wher k n alex surfs) the hike itself isn't tht steep in the ascent n it's nicely shaded w/some sun. we even saw a few kids n dogs on ths trail. our snack on the trail was a bag o peanut m&m's. after so much good food on friday/sat, today is day o simple things. upon exit of the trail, we headed to cannon beach n ther we ate our picnic w/salami, cheese, tomato n baguette from Ken's. it's the best ever!

the only failure ths weekend i must say, is the chocolate chip cookie we tried but failed to make. molasses used as brown sugar must b adjusted in order for the baking to come out right, but how? it's i will hv to study some more from my science of food book.


friday of foods!

after french class at the alliance francaise, we wnt to try out luck again at Pok Pok. since it's lunch time, we'r hoping we could get seated finally, n not 1 to 2 hrs waits. we sat down to tasty lunch, altho the pad see yew was a bit on the salty side, everything else was amazing. then we had dessert, pok pok afogado (espresso w/ice cream) but their version includes condensed milk n 油條 (chinese fried donut, which is usually served as breakfast item, usually savory dips)! never thought to eat it w/ice cream but it's amazing combo!
then shopped around at new seasons mkt. for our basic groceries. been wanting to chk ths 1 out. very nice space n things. it's like a cross btwn whole food & trader joe's, with pricing in btwn the two. the produce part, will wait til sat for it.
heard tht at nike, ther's an expected 500 employee cutbacks occurring nxt week. so everyone is quite anxious. today, nearly everyone is working fr/home or taking a break. i'm benefiting fr/ths cuz we got to spend a whole afternoon hanging out. lunch, shopping, lecture at ocac, then dinner w/alex & alie at Acadia. a new orleans style resto i've been wanting to try out on Fremont. i had thought it's across t/strt fr/La Provence, but i'm way off. tho ther's a shop called Arcadia across fr/tht, not acadia! damn. both the mixed drinks & the foods were amazing. kirk has the roasted chicken w/morel mushroom. i gotta get me some o tht at the farmer's mkt tmrw.


bisous d'eskimo

this is my fav music video recently!

Comment fait l'ours blanc
Tard le soir en rentrant
Comment fait le pinguoins
Quand il part au matin

Comment fait le caribou
Quand il a plus un sou
Comment fait l'otarie
Qui va vivre sa vie

Bisou bisou d'eskimo
Bisou bisou d'eskimo
Bisou bisou d'eskimo
Bisou bisou d'eskimo

A droite, à gauche
En haut en bas
Non pas la baleine
Elle a mauvaise haleine

Comment fait le goélad
Quand arrive le vent
Comment fait l'eskimo
Qui va faire du bateau

Comment fait l'empereur
Qui part tourjours à l'heure
Comment fait le manchot
Qui s'est levé tôt

Bisou bisou d'eskimo
Bisou bisou d'eskimo
Bisou bisou d'eskimo
Bisou bisou d'eskimo

Comment fait le trappeur
Après son dur labeur
Comment fait la mouette
Quand elle va faire la fête

Comment fait le pigloo
Qui sort de son igloo
Et le chien de traîneu
Le jour de son repos

Bisou bisou d'eskimo
Bisou bisou d'eskimo
Bisou bisou d'eskimo
Bisou bisou d'eskimo



it is depressing me that it's already may 4th, and i'm still freakin wearing long sleeves n coat! it rained like a ton today, i can barely hear myself think today. it's affecting me in a bad way i think. i hate long ass winters w/out a real beautiful spring (i mean w/out all the rain n coldness)