upcoming travels /planning

heavy clouds, will it rain? still quite cold, wher's the sun n wamer temp?

did my taxes. i promise myself, ths yr, i will b better at it. keep better records too.

so now i hv time to think thru traveling plans. 5/23/09-6/5/09 (meeting parents in rome to join t/cruise part o/their trip, greece, turkey?) do i fly from pdx or go home 1st to OC n fly from LAX?

hv to b in melbourne by late june for mim's wedding. still working out details of exact dates n places n flts... thoughts, fly from HNL? or actually, wd like to hv stop in TPE to visit w/family.

aug? block island/ nyc, well, we'll c how tht will work out. something to think thru.

aug? OC? maybe, i guess it all depends on wher i am to b?

so many thoughts to plan thru. can't i just go?

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