out to coastline, OR

today, as the weather has been really nice, i mean sunny n warm, no coats necessary! nor socks! we headed out to visit the elks at the nature preserv. on the way (slight detour) to Cannon beach. wow, i realized at end o the day tht the coast from pdx is 76miles or so! still, it was nice to c the elks lazing n grazing on the green green grass. ok, so the foto from my camerafone is a bit lacking, since i had to zoom so far in to catch it closer. def need a higher powered camera.

Cannon Beach is a very cute n quiet beach town, unlike wht i'm used to as being small n quiet in southern cal beach towns. still, its very quaint. it's early in the season yet, but shops r beginning to open up. the town's filled w/ppl coming for some sun n watch the waves (altho it's quite messy today) n a bit foggy still.

then ther's the seafood market/ resto serving their fresh caught fish. our fish n chips def beat wht i ate in england hands down.

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