earl grey tea mini muffins

i've been forgetting to record t/weather was i did b4 when i first arrived in pdx.
so here is.
foggy morning.

well, i finally crossed over n made mini muffins. a recipe i got off the Just Bento blog i'd been reading. i even wnt to buy the silicon cupcake form. thinking tht her suggestion on using it also for the frozen fruit cups in the summer, which can also b the cooler in the bento pack. think multi-purpose. it's quite alright, baking with this rubbery texture thing.

anyway, it looks fine n tastes quite lite in flavor, very subtle, the tea. which is good. n lite in sugar too. can almost b treated as a scone in a way.
yeh, snacks.

as for the extra italian sausages n tofu n nearly spoiling mushrooms... well, i made miso soup w/tofu & mushrooms for lunch yesterday, n mixed some of the tofu also into the sausages to make mini meatballs. mini tofu pcs n sautéed mushrms, thinking i can use it for the bento stash. no such luck. cuz it ended into the pasta sauce for dinner last nite. turned out very tasty even tho the sauce was store bought, we added fresh basils n the carrot top greens n garlic comfit n fresh onions, but alas, no stash for monday bento.

but i got the breakaway japanese kitchen from library. can't wait til farmer's market to start trying out his recipes.

ah. woke up too early. time to nap.

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