bento mondays, jumbled thoughts...

new objective for mondays.
since i'm taking riding lessons on monday evenings at dinnertime. it's a better idea to prepare bento's to take to the barn instead of eating the bull kaka fast food out ther.

this week, i managed to make a recipe from Helene Hendersen's The Swedish Table cookbook, using brussels sprouts, onions, n italian sausages. basically, as i'm making this, i realized while slicing up brussels tht they r like mini cabbages. something clicked 4 me then. STIR-FRY! tht's wht i'm making! so i used the garlic comfit instead o fresh garlic as eric gower suggested 4 ths recipe. then when the dish is all done, i used the left-over basmati rice n made a fried rice w/the dish. n packed a side of the siracha sauce for stronger flavor. since the italian sausage suggested orig in recipe was "hot" but i don't eat spicy, it's a good way to perk it up afterwards, allowing the non-spicy vs spicy eater the choice. siracha goes with everything anyway.

i also packed a few choco-chip cookies we made over the weekend, ice tea (i made cold infused).

this was quite a success, tho i didn't manage the time really well.
next time tho. so i started reading the just bento blog by maki who is also the author of just hungry blog. very inspiring. i think, after i get out ther n find my used books, n library books n buttons. i might try to make the tea muffin?
ah, so many ideas.
wish the kids r nearby so i can make their bento to school. wht fun!

am i being domesticated? nope. i've always been interested in cooking or at least cookbooks. i was once asked if i collected anything. everyone has a sort of collection here n ther, right? thinking back thru the yrs... i had, as a kid, a collection of stamps. i enjoyed the removing of the stamps off the envelopes. i loved the mail from/ dated stamp. i guess i'd been a dream traveller ever since, just not knowing it. but i soon gave'em to my younger cousins to play with.
over the yrs i had a little collection o ths n tht, but in the end, since was never really serious, i'd end up giving it away or chucking it out. collecting things takes time n energy n lots o space. i'd like to not have too much things, stuffs. so from time-to-time, i'd reorg n chuck or donate or giveaway (ths, i'm a bit like mom) as i'm always moving around, i tend to want to compress my belongings in these reorgs (which usually happens when i'm moving too)

a small collection i hv back at my parents' home, r things fr/traveling n gifts from ppl. becuz they'r gifts, i can't ever throw'em out. sentimental values r way high on my list i guess. in these i hv a little box n in the boxes, r little pebbles from my travels. i guess depending on wher i wnt, sometimes the souvenir r things from nature, sometimes from artists or whatnots.

as i collected lots of books. mythology is one category i love. fictions, art books, design sources, pattern books, etc but above all, i love cookbooks. whenever i start 2 rid myself o possessions, cookbooks always remain with me. n of course the cooking magazines too. even with internet n recipes posted all over, i still cant' resist wanting to own certain cookbooks. so i guess the top love i hv is for cookbooks. how i wish i can get into the contained storage where 1/2 of my books r n things so i can sort'em out.

doesn't collecting take up too much space? we humans r such funny creatures, aren't we? like snails n turtles, we pack a "home" n lug it around all the time w/us. b it a small purse, messenger bag, backpack, tote, luggages... we just move things back n forth, sometimes in short distances, at times across the globe. alas, i think it can't b helped. our conscious state is trained differently than other animals on ths planet. we hv spare time but our mind doesn't stop thinking n well, it creates desire n wants. feeling of guilt when we hv too much free time. we hv to b like worker bees or else we dunno wht to do w/ourselves. so to fill these spare moments, we fill it w/more tasks n thoughts n goals, etc. can't b helped... unless we can b at ease w/nothingness. not easy. so on we go.

i think it is time to go search out the library books. fill my head up w/more things i can't remember well.

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