road trip!

was sleepless last nite, so instead of tossing n turning in bed, i started reading Eclipse, hoping to fall asleep reading. instead i read 1/2 way thru the book when nicky came by to get me to bed cuz b4 i realized it, it's already 6am! jetlag is bad! tossing n turning again, i finally fell asleep n next time i woke, it's nearly noon.
picked up rodney at nearly 2pm n started to head in direction of Arundel Castle, we've not had any intake of food yet, just tea. so we saw a cute village on the way, Petworth, this is a really beautiful n ancient "village". we parked n walked about the windy roads looking 4 food. saw a sign tht looks like potential yummy place, taking us nearly out o the village tho. when we finally found it, we were disappointed to hear tht the chef has just left the bldg. is is nearly 3, all the food services all just ended, only pints r available. so we ended up waiting til we reached our destination. we found tea shop by the river n were able to hv tea n scones with cream n jam, since they'r trying to close up by 4:30, they'r not serving "food" just available pastries. soooooooooooooo very yummy, we wolfed it down in an instant. but we'r just having no lucky with "FOOD".

i must say, their english expressions r so diff than ours. it's taking a while to remember the slight nuances in the expression.
-a kipper is a nap or snooze
-potato in a jacket is baked potato
-coronation chicken is basically chicken salad (w/a bit curry in its mayo)
-food is cooked meal or anything needing assembly like sandwiches, etc, pastries don't count.
-tablet is medicine
...and many more.

we then walked along the river, a very long walk, to Black Rabbit in search for our dinner. i took lots of fotos along the way. ther's a tree i've noticed in the past couple of days here, tht has these little fuzzy buds, they look like caterpillars sprouting all over. when we fianlly reached our destination, it was dark n we'r starving again.

it's Mother's day here, everything indoor's booked n we sat by river to eat (messy garlic bread, grilled mushroom steak, burger n my porc roast_basically, ham) they forgot my food tho, so i watched my frnds eat, trying hard not to look starved! was ok tho, since they felt bad enough to return my money. free meal. not dressed warm enough n being outdoors, i think my dinner quckly burn off cuz i ended the nite around 2am at home, eating 2 more pcs of toast.
it long way ther n short way back to our car, in complete darkness along the road, cold but fun. since ther's no sidewalk along the pitch blk country road, we had to stop n step to the grassy sides to make sure we'r off the road ea/time a car comes our way. which took a bit longer. we began singing songs which turns finally into o'mcdonald song, w/lots of funny animals, including dragons n porcupines n skunks on the farm making funny noises. was lots o fun! then driving back, we "chased" trains 4 rodney cuz o the lack of trains running on sunday eve. we ended up taking him back to a town nearby horsham, (3 bridges station) so he can hop back on a bus back to brighton.

watched 5 episodes of Angel (i'm far far behind) n drank a bottle of rose b4 finally going to bed.

am happy to b here w/frnds n being silly n weather being nice n sunny. i'm a sun girl to b a happy n sun shine-y gurl-woman! i guess i'm not so moon-oriented as i used to b when i was younger.

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