minty boozy chicken

this is friday morning. sunny n cold out.
ther's things to do out ther, pick up my library stuff... maybe if tht purse is still at buffalo exchange?
tired of dark heavy clothes.
when will it b warm enough yet?

back tracking now to yesterday.

made the chicken dish from the Breakaway Cook cookbook. it calls for cilantro, mint, rum, orange juice, lime, onion, garlic, cumin, salt, pepper... just to marinade the meats. it was quite amazing, even if the prep took a while, the cooking didn't take too long. n it tasted so amazing!
oops, can't take foto to share (no camera/ nor fone)
was going to serve it with quinoa, but like so many shopping mishaps i've had, i had bought bulgur instead but all ths time, i had thought i bought quinoa... i guess i was going to buy tht n ended up not getting it for some reason, tho in my mind, tht's wht i remembered i hv... haha! is ok. i ended up mixing jasmin+brown rice to serve.
n pea+feta+mint salad goes quite well with the flavors of the chicken. even tho it's another load o mint. still works well.

can't wait to try the other recipes in the book.

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