Horsham, day 2 or is it 1?

arrived at London heathrow airport yesterday morning, early, like 7am. tired cuz i hvn't slept much on flt, maybe age has something to do? i just couldn't sleep. i did manage to watch a few flicks on the mini screen in front of me. i do believe if i was given a tv n controller, tht's wht i end up doing on flt, catch up on films.
n'way, during the flt, i'd accendently lock myself out of my taiwan sim card. which i did a few days earlier w/my american sim card. so i cudn't get hold o anyone.
managed to b met up by nicky n since we'r both dead on our feets, we took our most expensive cab ride ever to Horsham, her hometown (150 quid!)
nice sunny day, not too cold.
sunny is the important part.

tried to sleep a little
had pub lunch w/rodney in crawley
wnt home to b talked into going to nicky's hairdresser's wher i promptly fell asleep in the shop in sitting position.
then we quickly grabbed our chg of clothes to her sister's to chg for girls' nite out.

still tired today cuz we didn't get to sleep in ths morning, woke up at 5am! but had a very slow motioned morning. took us til 2pm to leave house in search o car then lunch.
walked in the park n visited the town.
will hv stay in nite then head to Arundel tmrw w/rodney n nicky.

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