encaustics painting, 1st attempts.

thurs morning, nearing noon.
gray with fast moving, very heavy clouds in the sky.
warmer than yesterday.
i'm sitting here listening to KCRW's in-studio performance of Tyler Bates, composer of the Watchmen film. and updating my fb & blogging... debating if i should venture out to try the lunch at Bento spot i read about or just eat in?

tonite is the monthly 1st thurs artwalk in ths town. should b fun & interesting. so, i don't hv a place to show my work but online. so here's my latest progress in learning the method of encaustics painting.... n now i've also (finally) posted a few of the pcs for sale on ETSY.com just as a test. had signed up last yr to sell, but hv been so lazy about it all. then now i'm here... most o t/work r in taiwan or newport, it's hard to fig out wht to sell.

ok, the first foto is now the 2nd painting... so much layering n texture tht's not easily seen here as foto. but i'm loving it.

altho it isn't as easy as i expected, it is def unexpected and fun. n i'm liking the torching part. tho i've learnt a lesson regarding the safety o torching... NEVER EVER touch the nozzle/ tubing w/ur bare hands! it's scorching HOT! burnt my thumb :( now i hv 3 finger scars on my hands tht will never go away. or at least it'll take few yrs. i mean the rope burn on my arm is just starting to fade a little, n tht's from 3 yrs ago! phew! 3 yrs? how time flies.
o my tea!
maybe i eat in. being lazy again.

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