bye bye fone :-(

broke my cell fone, k800i, while skiing. has been a strange morning/day. nothing wnt right. n while wandering alone on the slopes, lost. i forgot my pocket was unzipped n snow got in. as i was using it to connect to my frnds, i didn't realize it was wet. n i forgot to make sure i let it dry completely b4 i try powering on. didn't occur to me all the warning signs... so as i try to restart it, it fried it instead. it's my fav ever cuz it's a fone n great camera all in 1. plus it has most o functions i need, notes, calendar, contact, reminders, etc... but best o all is that when i travel, it's the only thing i need. no need for a camera + its charging cords, extra wt, extra thing to lug around.
i debated about iphone. i really love it, everything it's got. but just doesn't hv the camera i come to expect from mine. well, so i debated about 770 like chris has. another great camera/fone. my fotos of japan last fall was taken w/it. quite like it. but it's still limited compared to the c902. so tht's what i'm getting in the end. i i will wait for the iphone to hv the things i wanted b4 getting tht. i can wait for the ideal one.

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