AEBLESKIVER (danish pancakes)

in an Oregon monthly magazine (march issue), ther's an article on breakfast/ brunch places in Portland. so we've decided to expand our choices for restos. 1st on my cravings list, was Swedish pancakes, at least tht's wht i thought when i saw the foto n descriptions for Broder Cafe. tho i wasn't very thorough in my reading, etc... it was also serving breakfast daily starting 9am. tht suited us fine since we had a funny sleep schedule last nite.
Broder is located in the SE Portland neighborhood. we don't go ther often, at least it's not in my streetcar/ walking distance thing. well, thinking we'd b early enough to miss the sunday morning crowd, we got ther by 9:30 n already, ther's a wait list! Already?!!! i guess many ppl read the same article? anyhoo, the wait staff was nice enough to open up the next door tavern as waiting area so we won't hv to b in the cold.
when we finally sat down, i realized we weren't ordering swedish pancakes, but danish pancakes calle Aebleskiver. it's a bit like the French profiteroles in a way. batter is cooked in ths thing called Monk's pan, it's served with lingonberry jam, lemon curd n maple syrup. the lemon curd stood out the most! so yummy. the other thing we tried was the baked scramble with ham/cheese. it's also very yummy esp wher the Gruyere cheese dominated the flavors. it is served w/choices of veggies, salad or potato pancake. we were expecting the potato pancake (latkes) to b sweet too, more like pancakes w/potato bits in it. instead it's basically like hashed potatoes w/a little batter to keep it together, n it's savory! it's very tasty, i must admit loving it (not much o a potato girl unless it's mashed w/gravy)
ther's 2 cook books on the wall in kitchen on display, Kitchen of the Light & The Swedish Table, i've gotta remember to chk if the public library has'em.
good breakfasts r always a guarantee to a gr8 start to a day!

o n since we'r talking about all ths Scandinavian food, etc... we talked about travel plans. maybe a trip to mid-west thru chicago then Minneapolis? heard it's an amazingly surprisingly cool town. can't wait.

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