i am leaving back to portland tmrw. leaving behind very good frnds, and fiona. when will the next time i c them again? seem like the taipei crew has moved to europe. reunions r not easy since every1 is far apart, even tho not really.
for me, i dunno when the next time i will come thru ths area.
i'd like to explore other parts o the world still so may b limited in chances o being in london again.

still, it's going to b good to go "home" again.

def miss the honn's


i just want to say quickly
there r mosquitoes in LONDON!
killed one last nite, saw 1 ths morning


road trip!

was sleepless last nite, so instead of tossing n turning in bed, i started reading Eclipse, hoping to fall asleep reading. instead i read 1/2 way thru the book when nicky came by to get me to bed cuz b4 i realized it, it's already 6am! jetlag is bad! tossing n turning again, i finally fell asleep n next time i woke, it's nearly noon.
picked up rodney at nearly 2pm n started to head in direction of Arundel Castle, we've not had any intake of food yet, just tea. so we saw a cute village on the way, Petworth, this is a really beautiful n ancient "village". we parked n walked about the windy roads looking 4 food. saw a sign tht looks like potential yummy place, taking us nearly out o the village tho. when we finally found it, we were disappointed to hear tht the chef has just left the bldg. is is nearly 3, all the food services all just ended, only pints r available. so we ended up waiting til we reached our destination. we found tea shop by the river n were able to hv tea n scones with cream n jam, since they'r trying to close up by 4:30, they'r not serving "food" just available pastries. soooooooooooooo very yummy, we wolfed it down in an instant. but we'r just having no lucky with "FOOD".

i must say, their english expressions r so diff than ours. it's taking a while to remember the slight nuances in the expression.
-a kipper is a nap or snooze
-potato in a jacket is baked potato
-coronation chicken is basically chicken salad (w/a bit curry in its mayo)
-food is cooked meal or anything needing assembly like sandwiches, etc, pastries don't count.
-tablet is medicine
...and many more.

we then walked along the river, a very long walk, to Black Rabbit in search for our dinner. i took lots of fotos along the way. ther's a tree i've noticed in the past couple of days here, tht has these little fuzzy buds, they look like caterpillars sprouting all over. when we fianlly reached our destination, it was dark n we'r starving again.

it's Mother's day here, everything indoor's booked n we sat by river to eat (messy garlic bread, grilled mushroom steak, burger n my porc roast_basically, ham) they forgot my food tho, so i watched my frnds eat, trying hard not to look starved! was ok tho, since they felt bad enough to return my money. free meal. not dressed warm enough n being outdoors, i think my dinner quckly burn off cuz i ended the nite around 2am at home, eating 2 more pcs of toast.
it long way ther n short way back to our car, in complete darkness along the road, cold but fun. since ther's no sidewalk along the pitch blk country road, we had to stop n step to the grassy sides to make sure we'r off the road ea/time a car comes our way. which took a bit longer. we began singing songs which turns finally into o'mcdonald song, w/lots of funny animals, including dragons n porcupines n skunks on the farm making funny noises. was lots o fun! then driving back, we "chased" trains 4 rodney cuz o the lack of trains running on sunday eve. we ended up taking him back to a town nearby horsham, (3 bridges station) so he can hop back on a bus back to brighton.

watched 5 episodes of Angel (i'm far far behind) n drank a bottle of rose b4 finally going to bed.

am happy to b here w/frnds n being silly n weather being nice n sunny. i'm a sun girl to b a happy n sun shine-y gurl-woman! i guess i'm not so moon-oriented as i used to b when i was younger.


these r products tht nicky uses n i tried it on tht first nite we arrived n going out. i put some to conceal n brighten my dark circled eyes.
YSL's Touché Eclat, is a brush pen.
n ths other by by Dermalogica, intensive eye repair. it's even better than YSL thingy. i tried it.
sometimes, it's nice to b girly. i don't often experience ths.


Horsham, day 2 or is it 1?

arrived at London heathrow airport yesterday morning, early, like 7am. tired cuz i hvn't slept much on flt, maybe age has something to do? i just couldn't sleep. i did manage to watch a few flicks on the mini screen in front of me. i do believe if i was given a tv n controller, tht's wht i end up doing on flt, catch up on films.
n'way, during the flt, i'd accendently lock myself out of my taiwan sim card. which i did a few days earlier w/my american sim card. so i cudn't get hold o anyone.
managed to b met up by nicky n since we'r both dead on our feets, we took our most expensive cab ride ever to Horsham, her hometown (150 quid!)
nice sunny day, not too cold.
sunny is the important part.

tried to sleep a little
had pub lunch w/rodney in crawley
wnt home to b talked into going to nicky's hairdresser's wher i promptly fell asleep in the shop in sitting position.
then we quickly grabbed our chg of clothes to her sister's to chg for girls' nite out.

still tired today cuz we didn't get to sleep in ths morning, woke up at 5am! but had a very slow motioned morning. took us til 2pm to leave house in search o car then lunch.
walked in the park n visited the town.
will hv stay in nite then head to Arundel tmrw w/rodney n nicky.


minty boozy chicken

this is friday morning. sunny n cold out.
ther's things to do out ther, pick up my library stuff... maybe if tht purse is still at buffalo exchange?
tired of dark heavy clothes.
when will it b warm enough yet?

back tracking now to yesterday.

made the chicken dish from the Breakaway Cook cookbook. it calls for cilantro, mint, rum, orange juice, lime, onion, garlic, cumin, salt, pepper... just to marinade the meats. it was quite amazing, even if the prep took a while, the cooking didn't take too long. n it tasted so amazing!
oops, can't take foto to share (no camera/ nor fone)
was going to serve it with quinoa, but like so many shopping mishaps i've had, i had bought bulgur instead but all ths time, i had thought i bought quinoa... i guess i was going to buy tht n ended up not getting it for some reason, tho in my mind, tht's wht i remembered i hv... haha! is ok. i ended up mixing jasmin+brown rice to serve.
n pea+feta+mint salad goes quite well with the flavors of the chicken. even tho it's another load o mint. still works well.

can't wait to try the other recipes in the book.


bye bye fone :-(

broke my cell fone, k800i, while skiing. has been a strange morning/day. nothing wnt right. n while wandering alone on the slopes, lost. i forgot my pocket was unzipped n snow got in. as i was using it to connect to my frnds, i didn't realize it was wet. n i forgot to make sure i let it dry completely b4 i try powering on. didn't occur to me all the warning signs... so as i try to restart it, it fried it instead. it's my fav ever cuz it's a fone n great camera all in 1. plus it has most o functions i need, notes, calendar, contact, reminders, etc... but best o all is that when i travel, it's the only thing i need. no need for a camera + its charging cords, extra wt, extra thing to lug around.
i debated about iphone. i really love it, everything it's got. but just doesn't hv the camera i come to expect from mine. well, so i debated about 770 like chris has. another great camera/fone. my fotos of japan last fall was taken w/it. quite like it. but it's still limited compared to the c902. so tht's what i'm getting in the end. i i will wait for the iphone to hv the things i wanted b4 getting tht. i can wait for the ideal one.


breaking away...

i've heard from frnds & on kcrw's good food program about eric gower, the breakaway cook n yesterday, i got my copy of the book from the library, finally! wow, i'm really amazed at how simple everything is and approachable. the ingredients r basic but so amazing. i like the way he writes too. as if he's simply talking to u, like a frnd. i can't wait to try cooking things from it.
then i looked online to c about his other book, the breakaway japanese kitchen, it's sold out! so the used copies for sale online r ranging btwn 27-191usd! crazy. but not to worry, the library has 2 copies available to borrow. phew! tmrw. i will try something... prob not hv time tho. going skiing at mt hood.


encaustics painting, 1st attempts.

thurs morning, nearing noon.
gray with fast moving, very heavy clouds in the sky.
warmer than yesterday.
i'm sitting here listening to KCRW's in-studio performance of Tyler Bates, composer of the Watchmen film. and updating my fb & blogging... debating if i should venture out to try the lunch at Bento spot i read about or just eat in?

tonite is the monthly 1st thurs artwalk in ths town. should b fun & interesting. so, i don't hv a place to show my work but online. so here's my latest progress in learning the method of encaustics painting.... n now i've also (finally) posted a few of the pcs for sale on ETSY.com just as a test. had signed up last yr to sell, but hv been so lazy about it all. then now i'm here... most o t/work r in taiwan or newport, it's hard to fig out wht to sell.

ok, the first foto is now the 2nd painting... so much layering n texture tht's not easily seen here as foto. but i'm loving it.

altho it isn't as easy as i expected, it is def unexpected and fun. n i'm liking the torching part. tho i've learnt a lesson regarding the safety o torching... NEVER EVER touch the nozzle/ tubing w/ur bare hands! it's scorching HOT! burnt my thumb :( now i hv 3 finger scars on my hands tht will never go away. or at least it'll take few yrs. i mean the rope burn on my arm is just starting to fade a little, n tht's from 3 yrs ago! phew! 3 yrs? how time flies.
o my tea!
maybe i eat in. being lazy again.


AEBLESKIVER (danish pancakes)

in an Oregon monthly magazine (march issue), ther's an article on breakfast/ brunch places in Portland. so we've decided to expand our choices for restos. 1st on my cravings list, was Swedish pancakes, at least tht's wht i thought when i saw the foto n descriptions for Broder Cafe. tho i wasn't very thorough in my reading, etc... it was also serving breakfast daily starting 9am. tht suited us fine since we had a funny sleep schedule last nite.
Broder is located in the SE Portland neighborhood. we don't go ther often, at least it's not in my streetcar/ walking distance thing. well, thinking we'd b early enough to miss the sunday morning crowd, we got ther by 9:30 n already, ther's a wait list! Already?!!! i guess many ppl read the same article? anyhoo, the wait staff was nice enough to open up the next door tavern as waiting area so we won't hv to b in the cold.
when we finally sat down, i realized we weren't ordering swedish pancakes, but danish pancakes calle Aebleskiver. it's a bit like the French profiteroles in a way. batter is cooked in ths thing called Monk's pan, it's served with lingonberry jam, lemon curd n maple syrup. the lemon curd stood out the most! so yummy. the other thing we tried was the baked scramble with ham/cheese. it's also very yummy esp wher the Gruyere cheese dominated the flavors. it is served w/choices of veggies, salad or potato pancake. we were expecting the potato pancake (latkes) to b sweet too, more like pancakes w/potato bits in it. instead it's basically like hashed potatoes w/a little batter to keep it together, n it's savory! it's very tasty, i must admit loving it (not much o a potato girl unless it's mashed w/gravy)
ther's 2 cook books on the wall in kitchen on display, Kitchen of the Light & The Swedish Table, i've gotta remember to chk if the public library has'em.
good breakfasts r always a guarantee to a gr8 start to a day!

o n since we'r talking about all ths Scandinavian food, etc... we talked about travel plans. maybe a trip to mid-west thru chicago then Minneapolis? heard it's an amazingly surprisingly cool town. can't wait.