monday. sunny.

unwinding today fr/trip to whistler today.

last monday
morning we drove north to seattle, spending the day in seattle n t/nite @ ACE hotel. we walked thru pike street area, having fish n chips at the pike fish mkt. very fresh fish i must say. altho seattle is way colder than where i was. apparently being closer to sea means humid cold tht is bone chilling. saw a pair of great boots in the patagonia store, i think on return trip, if we stop by, i will buy it. better than an Ugg. in the early evening, we met up with Joseph & his frnds joe/betty at Rain sushi just a little outside downtown seattle. it was amazing food, very fresh, american woman sushi chef, how rare! altho the fish slices r way too american in size (huge).

tuesdayseattle to vancouver, then whistler.
weather was rain/bits of snow. crossing border n to vancouver. can't locate the dim sum resto betty recommended. so we continued on to squamish for a bite at zephyr cafe. meeting up in whistler w/everyone at 6.30pm. our condo is on 3rd floor above the grocery store in whistler village. early dinner n settling in to sleep.

slopes day 1: blackcomb
icy condition, gray but dry enough. nice lunch in the resto. tiring day. quinlan bbq'd. hot tub too after drinks n dinner. my skis r way faster than i wanted, but i'm doing ok i think.

slope day 2: whistler
gray soft snow. not bad. tiring cuz the previous day adds to today's tired legs. taking it a bit easy. dinner @ new korean resto. expensive but surprisingly good.

slope day 3: whitler then blackcomb
slower start today, but ther was a bit of sun on whistler side ths morning. taking the peak to peak gondola. wow, the view n ride was clear n beautiful. ppl here r so helpful n nice. breaking early for lunch n was saw the weather turn immediately. windy/fog+rain/snow! can hardly c well, but it's still good skiing. good thing we didn't ride the gondola when it was windy even tho we'r told it can stand up to 90km/h wind. better not scare ourselves.
made pasta for dinner w/shrimps. (had to stay off junky food)

sat: whistler, bowen island, vancouver
nice partly sunny day. def way more ppl here in whistler today. had a snack after everyone left at the Beet Root Cafe in village. it's cute n cozy. then drove down to squamish, back to zephyr cafe for some rice bowl. taking the 4.30 ferry from horseshoe bay to bowen island for barbara's bday dinner. nice family. i luv the table settings.
hyatt hotel in vancouver, soooooooooooooo nice to hv our own room n not b on sofa anymore.

sun: rain
since it's raining here, need to leave early enough. so quick breakfast n we'r on the road. ther's a 40min wait at the border! then we quickly arrive in seattle. Le Pichet for some raclette n onion soup. wow, it's the best i've had in a long time. i'm in love w/ths little bistro. n back to patagonia (altho they'll hv winter sale soon, the boot is already at 60% off) so it was nicer surprise to find my boot only 70bux. i guess it's all in the psyche. i had thought it was going to b just over 100. made it home by 8! resting up. unwind.

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