home less homeless

tues: sunny & warmest since i've been here.
so yesterday, as i was walking in town, looking for Ken's artisan bakery (very good macaron too). i saw a homeless man asking for money for a sandwich. after i bought some things to eat at the bakery, i felt bad for the guy n so as i was shopping in Trader Joe's, i bought him a sandwich. leaving the place, he's no longer ther in the corner. instead, ther's another guy in front of TJ's w/a sign. then another homeless guy came by n they greeted ea/other n asked if it was ok to set up his sign.... i can't offer my sandwich to one n not the other. n well... just overwhelming. so i returned the sandwich to TJ's.
it's a place we all fear to end up one day. homeless on the street. i feel very lucky to hv so much. i feel very insignificant to not being able to do much.
ths thought sat on my mind for a bit. thought i'd share n get it out o my sys.
onto other things....
along the way home, saw some interesting bldgs. color full.

today: sun's out.
ready to go out a bit? will hv lunch in area called NW23. so much to explore. n tonite will b my first class in encaustics. need to go shopping later for my supplies b4 class.
then tmrw, i head back to cali for a couple of weeks. yes, warmer temp n the kids. sean. my mini.

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