Hambaagu dinner

last nite, we had frnds over 4 dinner. since we gotten ths package of ranch direct ground beef in freezer, i've been wanting to make the japanese style hamburger/rice dish. so, tks to the Just Hungry blog, i found the recipe as my base to cook & learn from. as i also hv The Complete Tante Marie's French Kitchen cookbook for ref, i modified the recipe just a bit. instead of ground pork, i used porc sausage as the book suggested. for someone like me who's very lite handed w/salt, it's a good thing.
as for the onion, instead o typical yellow, i used the sweeter red.
one thing regarding bread crumbs... i now realize why not the crust, if using real bread. the crust doesn't really blend into the patty unless u really crush it all up b4 adding the milk.
as for the sauce, i hv the red wine & tonkatsu (to buy all the ingredients to mk ths will mk me end up w/more bottle n jars...so i just bought it), but didn't feel like buying ketchup also since i hv an opened can o tomato paste at home already. i substituted tomato paste + mustard + a very little bit o sriracha for a tad o heat.

rice wise, cooking w/out rice cooker is a little tough, for four ppl tho, i now kno we just need like 2 or 2.5 cups o rice instead. if cooking w/sushi rice, the water shouldn't b one extra cup, maybe 1/2 or equal amt?

i served glazed carrots with the rice to offset the colors + a little sprinke o fresh parsley.

b4 dinner, i made the mint, peas + feta salad w/lemon dressing. lighter offset to introduce the dinner.

for predinner drinks, we had fresh blood red oranges + champagne, wht a fresher combo than just reg oranges. very cool.

tht was last nite. i prepped most of the stuff during the day while i painted. a very slow process scrapping into the encaustics n filling the gaps w/oil pastels n buring it into the wax w/a torch. it's not as easy to control the wax n fire, etc. i'm really liking ths process tho. patience is required. surprise is always ther, nice or otherwise, i like tht, cuz it causes me to think how to turn it in my favor.
i will post my encaustics as soon as i get it downloaded from camera.

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