good weekend

this weekend has been really fun.
friday nite, after dinner, we saw Coroline in 3D at the theatre, they don't give u crappy cardboard blue/red glass anymore.
sat, after a lazy morning, wnt into town to get my torch, had awesome cupcake at Saint Cupcakes, the creamcheese frosting was really yummy. it's nice to b offered mini cupcakes to buy instead of the large sized ones wher u get no chance to taste other flavors. the decor of the shop is quite nice too. for our late lunch, we wnt back to Half & Half, clam chowder & tuna melt, yum! after tht, we wnt home to get ready for our Beaux Arts Ball at the Portland Art Museum! i hv not dressed up in evening wear in such long time!

today (sun) we wnt to the skate park for big brother event. i watched all these kids fly around so easily on skateboards. i learned the basic moves n had a go on it for a few rounds. it's fun! n realized tht i've now got better balance than i did as a kid. thinking back, i never really had been encouraged in the outdoor activities unless they were the ones my mom wanted us to learn, which was tennis. if i hv the chance to b parent to someone or guidence to another kid, i'd encourage him/her to all kinds of possibility of outdoor activities. it isn't just the mainstream sports out ther. as we left the skatepark, we realized tht ths is also nearby the site of our encounter w/tht white volvo.
brunch at the J&M's Cafe in SE district. the belgium waffle w/ginger butter n real maple syrup! o yum!
nice day out n relaxing nite watching oscars. i have to admit, i've only seen a couple of movies on the nominated list. gotta catch up! o time to go baking cookies now.

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