it snowed last nite while i slept. always something amazing to wake to the wht/grayness outside. suddenly i feel time warped backwards n i thought it felt like x'mas again.

last nite i met a little boy name kai. kai is always been a boy name i liked. he's 1/2 japanese, only speaks japanese tho at ths stage. almost 3. so cute n playful. we b'came frnds instantly. showed me the various toys he was playing with. altho we didn't communicate w/language, we were able to play anyway.
josh (neighbor)'s ribs were so tasty! yum! think tht's the most meat i ate since i got here!

i am a little more than 1/2 way thru shantaram now. finally. curious about the rest, but tough to read thru quickly.

will b travelling north tmrw. meet up w/joseph for dinner?
never been to seattle, should b interesting.

vancouver, just in time for chinese new year, i think...?

whistler, can't wait, for the snow.

i chk'd online how to improve my skiing a bit better. i wonder if ths will help my feet n shins. n better thru moguls. can't wait.

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