1.12-13.09_gry then sunny tues!

monday will b monday. working during the day at home. not feeling the need to b outside at all. work is slow progress.
then it's my first horseback riding lesson 2nite!
inside the cold barn
i'm relearning to ride. so different than b4. paying more attention. not western style. i like ths much better i think. the saddle suits me better.
tho it's only 1 hr, it is tiring but fun.

sun came out, making it tough to stay in n work.
attempt to go yoga failed, but had my pants altered at Gien's Tailors near library.
wnt shopping w/allie instead. learning shops, walking thru the pearl (Frances May, etc) then to downtown. visiting several interesting 2nd hand shops including the antique optical frame shop n the Portland Outdoor Store, which is diff than US Outdoor Store in same area. then Nordstroms for a quick spin then to the Buffalo Exchange. where ppl constantly bring things into shop to sell n then buying in the shop. so many things to browse thru! it's a quick fix for my clothing issues i think :D
then to Moulé, intersting things in ther too.
dinner at Everett Street Bistro, new zealand wht wine is quite tasty. dinner yummy too, interesting chicken marbela, is it suppsed to hv tht sweetness hint to it? i dunno.
found out where REI etc/ train station's located in my orientation.

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