01.22.09:gray to sunny!

i woke up w/a song from Lhasa humming in my head, decided tht today will b walking around n listening to them til i'm tired.

had another hat fitting appt. excited tht i will hv it for vancouver! yeh!
the day started out a bit gray & of course, very cold.
walking thru town, errands, looking around...
can't wait for my new shoes to arrive, something else to wear
can't wait to go home n pick up my shoes ther or at least, to kno if i hv any more winter shoes to wear or i need to buy something? i only remember buying boots or sandles (flips)

got a ski helmet last nite, dual reasons, i seem to become clumsier these days on slops, gotta b careful. & for horseback riding lessons too. tht should b good safe thing to do.
made ratatouille finally... but not sure, something might b missing in the recipe for the taste... missing a punch.

speaking of food. i realized, indian food outside of india, no matter where u go in this world, is always quite pricey in comparison (tried out the east india co today, lunch)

walking home, i stopped by the art museum. didn't realize the foto show was done 2 weeks ago. but saw the mixographia exhibit. jorge pardo's work was my fav (not just cuz we wnt to school together) others were amazing too but his was my fav. makes me wanna b drawing, which i will do now.

o, the sun, s out shining n warming up. (music still playing!)

weekend is coming up... seattle, vancouver, whistler next week! can't wait.
back to cali after tht.
london in march!

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