01.20.09: sun shines up & inauguration day!

i kno i've been wanting to blog everyday somehow, but not easy to keep up this intention...

catching up... fri nite cont...
white bird dance series (bad boys of dance)
late dinner at Clyde Common, cod & taglietelle, delicious food. warm atomsphere.

sat. sunny still!
a day to wander thru town n run a few errands.
sat at the sunny table in Half & Half, gr8 sandwiches. chai not so good, but serves stumpton coffee. the sun heats up this cozy space by window tht 1 tends to forget it's only 40+ degreesF outdoors. back to Nau's sale again to chk out if ther's anything else. tried the mini cupcakes. not bad. good thing it's mini.
yoga (vinyasa, sarah, too fast but at least not too chatty)
cooked my own version of miso fish w/out soy sauce, mirin nor sake! using miso, jam, port.... LOL, turned out to b fairly good still. we'r learning to b better at using up everything in the fridge to make nice dinners still.

sun. sun/windy
wake early to go Mt Hood for a bit of ski, warm up to Whistler.
it's quite warm day, morning all icy
softens up n happy to b on slopes. tho having trouble getting on the lifts ths day (1. lost a ski, 2. fell off the lift while getting on)! wht's going on?
leaving around 3.
will hv sore legs tmrw (yoga prob helped)?
dinner @ alex/allie's.

mon. sun/windy (martin luther king's day)
it's time for house cleaning.
moody? how to sense n rid o ths sense of lostness
grocery shopping. trader joe here is quite small.
late lunch@ vivace
1st time @ Fred Meyers
home, silence....
horseback riding lesson. freezing weather up in mtns. in barn.
got to trot after a bit o struggles w/horse.
picnic in front o tv (chipotle burrito)
tv/ work. silence...

TUES. SUNNY here, SUNNY freezing in D.C. too!
ths is the day, i'm sitting here watching the Obama inauguration. past presidents. all these ppl, looking 4 hope. high pressure. great speeches.... n day continues.

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