01.16.09 (fri) SUN!

wed. 01.14.09 (heavy fog then sun!!!!)
ok, so i forgot what it was i did on wed (01.14.09) after blogging. i prob stayed in n hung out, maybe i worked a bit? all coming back to me now... i lay by the window n got some sun while catching up on reading Shantaram, quit when it started to suck for the main character. then i wnt to yoga class at yoga pearl. this time, i took yoga fusion class. it's a bit workshop like, tho it is quite interesting & i like the teacher, she didn't talk too much b.s. stuff, so tht's always nice. i think i will continue to go to her classes.
quiet evening at home watching dvd (west wing) wow, these ppl talk so fast n the conversation is sometimes hard to follow. i guess it's all about the quick responses tht keeps us intrigued.

thurs. 01.15.09 (sunny but COLD still)
i spent the morning painting. started something new cuz the sky outside inspired the clrs! n well, the braided tree trunk outside the library inspired me to try out the lines. we'll c wher this goes. so back starting to pain. when i was younger, i think sitting hunched over my work causes no pain nor aches, but wow, our body really tells u off these days. so i quit for the day. the outdoor's calling me.

this has been a crazy shopping week i guess.
try to buy a pair of running/walking shoes tht i can also ride horse in, but instead, i got a jacket.... hmmmm.
it's supposed to b Patagonia's sale, but then found out Nau is having a major warehouse sale! so we wnt ther instead. i mean, 5 bux for a lot of the items i got isn't bad at all! my shoes order also arrived. the lux o shopping in USA, returns! i can pick n choose wht to keep n return!

fri. 01.16.09 (lots of SUN in the cold)
i hv hat fitting today w/Dayna in downtown area @ Pinkham Millinery, my especially small head size makes it tough to gage exactly how my hat would fit me. the store has since expanded when i was in it last yr sept. lots n lots of beautiful hats, wow! i love'em all! turns out, i need one more fitting next week.... (walking here from home i realized how within downtown i am to everything. so close! the streetcar is just for convenience n getting out o the wet/ cold or if i'm carrying stuff n being lazy)
yoga is not so great today. it's hatha, which is fine. but the teacher talks way too much. so right fr/start, doing breath exercises, i dozed off!
walk about town, walking almost everywhere n building body map of the town. i'm happily adjusting i believe.
tonite is the dance performance! yeh!

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