01.10.09:covered in fog!

nitemares & dreams to wake us
very foggy morning
will sun show his face?
thankful still
a bit achy in body from impact
o, hat appt in downtown!
remeasured, remade
happy little boy, cute shop owner!
brunch @ bijou, cafe
home again, happy to b lazy n nothingness, after laundry.
watched documentary called, How to Cook your Life, b mindful and just do what u r doing now. cooking, cook. eating, eat. talk, talk.
shared the 1956 short film Ballon Rouge by Albert Lamorisse, it is still 1 o my fav since childhood.
1st try at making our own Croque Monsieur, semi-success! yet sooooooooo tasty, i think it's the mustard & nutmeg!

happy to b home. chilling.
shoulder/neck, very achy still
hips a bit achy too. but healing.
thankful again.

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