01.09.09:partly sunny

yoga at the Pearl, 9.30am, vinyasa.
jenn is nice, but said some things i don't like
tho i kno tht chg is constant
not very gentle tho, when she flicked my elbows.
pearl bakeryfor sat's breakfast.
shop for ski wear at portland outdoor store on broadway & burnside.
shop for miso soup supplies @ whole foods, for my sudden winter cravings.
after a quick painting warmup
i got a bouquet of beautiful mix o wht flowers! frangrant lilies n irises w/eucaliptus!

k's home & dinner (leftover risotto & miso soup of cabbage, shroom, tofu)
rest a bit, feeling lazy, but got up to go to a charity gold/silver party in NE pdx
finally got our drinks, too small, too packed
time to go, very foggy nite.
heard sound of cars crashing
white volvo came towards us
in quick flashes, mere seconds
if i wasn't pulled away n he dove/roll w/me in protection, forward.
tho it just seem to happen way to fast n the car was really going to roll over us.
i saw in shocking clarity tht the bumper really did hit us, my legs were caught w/it.
sitting up on the ground, i thought for sure my legs r hurt. in stunned stillness, we checked.
bumper scraping our shins, me barely really... but he's hurt a bit. all's fine, at least physically.
concrete curb trash bin kept the car from rolling over us.
chaos, screaming, shouting, all around us.
in shock
this is a very scary wake-up experience. the sight of the wht volve coming towards us. the shock of it.
going home to clean our wounds
sirens sounding as authorities n help arrives.
looking in at the wht volvo, a girl is fine btwn all the airbags. on the fone.
we drove very very carefully, scared to b on the road.
happy to b home
happy to b alive
thankful too!
thank u trash bin!

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